Renovation & Preservation of Central Campus

March 2024 LTHS Ballot Question

During the March 19, 2024 primary election, the ballot will ask voters to authorize the Board the Education to renovate, preserve, and approve $85 million in bond funding to pay for upgrades to the 115-year-old Central Campus. Para su referencia, la pregunta de la boleta electoral de 2024 está disponible en español.

Why is LTHS seeking to renovate and preserve Central Campus?

  • Preservation of a historic and significant building in the history of the district and community;

  • Renovation as a lower cost option to high new construction costs and sensitive to taxpayers;

  • Timeliness to meet the needs of future freshman students who will require a viable building located in our community for their 9th-grade education;

  • Feasibility of a project that avoids the many complexities associated with new construction either at the district’s property in Homer Glen or on the grounds of East Campus;

  • Unity within the community through a focus on a school building in the geographic center of the district.

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Referendum Tax Calculator

The referendum calculator is provided by PMA Financial Network, LLC, PMA Securities, LLC, and PMA Asset Management, LLC.

To build, or not to build

Six times in the past, a referendum was proposed to construct a new high school building to replace Central—in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Each time, taxpayers voted down the ballot measure.






















The LTHS School Board, acknowledging residents’ decision not to replace Central, looked for ways to sustain and revitalize the aging building. Visit our Central Campus Updates page to view the architectural and engineering studies that were completed.

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