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World Language and Cultures

World Languages and Cultures

At Lockport Township High School, students have the opportunity to take courses in the languages of American Sign Language, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. 

All teachers of the World Languages and Cultures department believe that language is fundamental to the human experience. It is the mission of the department to provide and communicate a meaningful and comprehensive curriculum that will engage, challenge, and inspire all students to become global citizens, leaders, and lifelong learners beyond high school graduation. 

In addition, the department believes in giving all students the opportunity to experience a world language in an environment that nurtures and respects all learners as individuals.

Every teacher strives to develop each student’s mastery of the four essential skills of communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening--while providing students the opportunity to explore and appreciate another culture's music, art, literature and history through implementation of authentic communicative and cultural experiences. 

The department will hold students to high expectations and commit to providing the tools for all students to be successful regardless of individual learning needs, interests, and cultural differences.

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