Freshman Registration

Freshman Registration

Welcome incoming Freshmen! As you begin your high school journey, LTHS is here to help you explore your interests, develop your skills and talents, and reach your fullest potential. Please review the information here to prepare for your course registration for next fall. Recently, informational packets with course recommendations were mailed out to families with specific information pertaining to your incoming student. Please review this packet carefully and make your course selections before the online registration form closes on January 31. We will send out more information about Freshman year in our April mailing, including Parent Portal, school fees, Freshman Orientation, etc.

Online Course Registration Instructions (Open January 17 - January 31)

Step 1: Review your Course Selection Worksheet and decide on your elective choices. View more information and videos about the courses offered, below.

Step 2: With your Course Selection Worksheet in front of you, go to our Google form. You will be prompted to enter the student name, ID number, and an email address. This email address can be a parent’s email-whatever email address we can respond to if there are questions/concerns regarding your course selections. 

Step 3: Complete course registration by following your Course Selection Worksheet and choosing the classes to complete each section. You will choose your Digital Pathway selection and two full electives, plus alternates, which may be used if needed. Most students can expect to get the courses they choose as their first & second electives. 

Step 4: Make sure you hit SUBMIT when you have completed the form. Counselors will review all course selections. 

If You Need Help or Have Questions:

Guidance Department staff will be available for parent phone calls if you need advice or assistance completing your form. Between the hours of 3:30 pm-7:30 pm, you may call the Central Guidance Office at 815-588-8250 on the following dates: Jan 23rd, Jan 24th, Jan 25th, Jan 26th, Jan 30th.

Online Registration will close January 31 - if you have not made your selections, our staff will choose for you. No changes will be made after January 31.

Si Necesita Ayuda o Tiene Preguntas:

Si habla español y necesita ayuda, tendremos personal de habla hispana disponible el 25 y el 30 de enero. Llame al 815-588-8250 entre las 3:30 p. m. y las 7:30 p. m. para obtener ayuda.

Freshman Year Course Selection

The Freshman Center school day consists of eight periods. Below is a schedule worksheet to help families understand how the course selection process works:



Placement level determined by Department Chair



Placement level determined by Department Chair



Placement level determined by Department Chair



Every student has lunch opposite homeroom/resource



Select PE 9


Digital Pathways

Student chooses one:
▶️ Digital Pathways Rotation: Business/Family & Consumer Science/Fine Arts/Applied Technology (BUS/FACS/ART/TECH) or
▶️ Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles or
▶️ Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Introduction to Engineering Design



Student chooses, unless Required Elective* has been determined to be necessary



Student chooses, unless Required Elective* has been determined to be necessary

*Required Electives include High School Reading, Math Enrichment, and Learning Strategies. These classes will be added to the student’s schedule if deemed necessary by the appropriate department chair.

Elective Options

These are the different elective options available to freshmen. The course descriptions for these electives are available in the Course Catalog and Planning Guide, located under the Support & Wellness tab, under Academic Counseling. Click on the course title for a description and on the ▶️ icon to watch a short video.

^ Semester-long course
+ Courses Requiring department chair recommendation

Business & Technology

Family & Consumer Sciences

Social Studies

Visual & Performing Arts ▶️

  • Introduction to Drawing & Design ^

  • Introduction to Painting & 3-D Design ^

  • Ceramics 1 ^

  • Digital Photography ^

  • Freshman Choir

  • Freshman Band +

World Languages & Cultures ▶️

  • French 1

  • Japanese 1

  • Spanish 1

  • Spanish 2 +

  • Spanish for Native Speakers

  • German 1

  • American Sign Language 1

Possible Required Electives

If deemed necessary by the appropriate department chair, these classes will be added to your child’s schedule.

  • High School Reading

  • Math Enrichment +

  • Learning Strategies +

Physical and Dental Exam Requirements

By state law, all students entering 9th grade must have a complete physical exam documenting all immunizations and a dental exam.

Parents/Guardians should schedule medical and dental appointments as soon as possible and submit exam documentation to the Central Campus Nurse as soon as it is completed. Physicals are due no later than July 1, 2023.

Physical and Dental forms may be emailed/scanned to or faxed 815-588-8279, dropped off, or mailed to:

LTHS-Central Campus
1222 S. Jefferson Street
Lockport, IL 60441

School physicals must be dated within one year from the start of school, and are valid for 13 months from the date of the exam. School physicals do count as a sports physical if the physician checks the Interscholastic Sports box on the backside of the exam form. Sports Physicals, however, do not count as school physicals.

Dental Forms must be dated after November 15, 2022.

Physical and dental forms can also be found under Health Services.

Activities & Clubs

Lockport Township High School sponsors 50 clubs and activities. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved to find their interests, make friends, develop skills, gain experience, and build their future. Complete information about all of the clubs may be found on the Activities page.


The LTHS sponsors 30 athletic teams. High School sports offer excellent opportunities for students to develop leadership and teamwork skills, learn time management, and maintain physical health and wellness. For specific questions, please contact the Athletic Department. Check back to the Athletics page for summer camp opportunities.