Driver's Education

Driver's Education

Driver Education consists of two parts. The classroom portion of Driver Education is offered to students during the sophomore year. In order to be eligible for Driver Education the student must be fifteen (15) years of age and must have passed at least eight (8) courses during the previous two (2) semesters. There is no additional fee for the classroom portion of Driver Education when it is taken during the regular school year. There is a book fee, however, if a student chooses to enroll in summer Driver Education. Students must be sixteen (16) years of age by December 31st of the current calendar year in order to enroll in the Summer Drivers Education program.

Upon student request, once a student is enrolled in the classroom portion of Drivers Education, and upon approval from the Department Chair, the student may obtain their permit application thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the classroom portion of the Drivers Education program.


  • 1st semester classroom assignment - permit application may be obtained in mid-July

  • 2nd semester classroom assignment - permit application may be obtained in December

  • Summer classroom assignment - permit application may be obtained in May

Driver Training ("Behind the Wheel") is offered after school and during the summer. Driver Training consists of six hours of scheduled driving with a licensed professional during a nine (9) day session. There is a fee for Driver Training. Students are not automatically enrolled in "Behind the Wheel" courses.

In addition to Driver Education and Driver Training, each student must complete a minimum of fifty (50) hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice.

HB 4768 became Public Act 94-0897 on June 22, 2006. This new law affects both the Illinois Graduate to Safety Program and the Cooperative Driver Testing Program by increasing the number of hours of practice driving required for students under eighteen (18) years of age from twenty-five (25) hours to fifty (50) hours, including ten (10) hours of nighttime driving. Please note that this law affected students with an issue date on their permits of June 22, 2006, or later. Student permits with an issue date before June 22, 2006, followed the 25-hour rule.

The new law also requires a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult to provide written consent at the time of the application for a driver's license verifying that the applicant is sufficiently prepared and able to operate a motor vehicle safely. For details and the Certification form click on the “50-Hour Certification Form.”