Bus Route Information

Bus route information can be found in the Campus Portal. Log into your portal and select "More" at the bottom of the left menu, then select "Transportation".

Transportation Office

(815) 588-8900


LTHS provides activity buses for those students who participate in school-sponsored activities at the conclusion of the school day. Students must show ID when boarding an activity bus. The schedule for activity buses for both campuses is as follows:

4:15 PM & 5:30 PM

5:15 PM

All buses will load and unload on school grounds. Refer to your ID card, which must be carried at all times and must be shown to the bus driver upon request, or bus lineup sheet regarding information on which bus to ride and where to board your bus. If additional aid is needed, consult with the assistant principal.

Transportation Guidelines

The Board of Education has provided for reasonable and safe bus transportation for students living more than one and one-half miles from the school. Buses will make their regular stops only where it is safe to do so.

Students are to ride the bus assigned and identified on their ID cards. Students must carry their ID cards at all times, and the ID card must be shown to the bus driver upon request. Special passes to ride another bus must be obtained through the deans’ office, after presenting a note from the parent/legal guardian. Students who violate school rules while riding the bus will receive disciplinary action as prescribed in the transportation and general discipline guidelines.

In order to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and employees when transportation is provided for any school-related activity, The Board of Education of Lockport Township High School District 205 has authorized the use of audio and video recording devices on the buses (Policy No. 7:220). The contents of the electronic recordings are student records and are subject to District policy and procedure concerning school student records.

Instruction to Students

These rules and regulations are made by the State Board of Education. They shall be enforced by the local school authorities.

General Guidelines

  • The bus driver, who is a staff member, is in full charge of the bus and riders at all times. Students are respectful to the bus driver while riding the bus the same as they are respectful to teachers while in attendance at school. The bus driver has the right to assign seats as they deem necessary.

  • Students are prohibited from tampering with electronic recording devices. Students who violate this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with the board’s discipline policy and shall reimburse the school district for any necessary repairs or replacement.

  • Students should always be ready for the bus at least five (5) minutes before the time it usually stops for them. Changing weather and road conditions make it impossible for the bus to stop at the same time every morning.

  • The driver on a regular route shall not wait for a tardy student but shall proceed in a timely manner if the student is not in sight or is purposely lagging.

  • The driver shall not allow a student to get off the bus at any place other than the student’s designated discharge point unless permission is granted by the proper school official and a permission slip is given to the driver.

  • Students are to get off bus at designated stop unless granted permission by the deans’ office with written parental permission.

  • Loading: When students must cross the road to be picked up, the driver, after looking for approaching cars, will signal them to cross. The students should wait for the driver to give them the signal to cross.

  • Unloading: At all discharge points where it is necessary for students to cross the highways, the driver shall direct the students to a distance some (ten) 10 feet in front of the bus on the shoulder of the highway and to remain there until a signal is given by the bus driver for the students to cross.

  • In case of an accident or breakdown, while the bus is transporting students, the first consideration shall be whether it is safer to evacuate or to leave the students on the bus. If evacuation is necessary, students are to remain at a spot designated by the driver and not wander off.

  • Students have a responsibility to help keep the bus clean.

  • Gross disobedience or misconduct on the part of a student shall be reported to the proper school authority for appropriate disciplinary action.

The following are safety violations

  • It is dangerous for students to move about while the bus is in motion. The driver will require that students do not change seats while the bus is in motion or scuffle while on the bus. Horseplay is not allowed on the bus.

  • Any distraction of the driver’s attention to remind a student of some regulation or to answer an unnecessary question jeopardizes the safety of every student on the bus. Students must not carry on unnecessary conversation with the driver.

  • Students should not at any time extend their arms or heads out of a bus window.

  • Students should not stand in the traffic lanes while waiting for a bus but should stand behind the yellow curb lines, if present, and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before attempting to board.

  • Scratching the paint and marking, cutting, or mutilating the seats is vandalism and will be handled as such.

The following offenses may be handled under the regular disciplinary procedures

  • Use or possession of tobacco, including e-cigarettes, on a bus.

  • Use of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol on a bus.

  • Use of vulgar and abusive language on a bus.

  • Fighting/Bullying/Intimidation.

  • Possession of weapons or explosives on a bus.

Bus Riding Ethics

  • Converse in moderate tones.

  • Sit facing front - feet on floor.

  • Cease talk at railroad crossings.

  • Arrive at stop five (5) minutes prior to pick up.

  • No eating or drinking.

  • Be ready to get on or off at your stop.

  • Promptly take a seat. Bus will not go until all are seated.

School Bus Evacuation Drill

  • School bus evacuation drills are held twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

  • As soon as an emergency is detected, be prepared to evacuate immediately through the emergency door or main door or both.

  • Always remember the gas tank is located just back of the front door on all of our buses.

  • The first student out should help those who follow.

  • Do not under any circumstances try to assist the driver in fighting a fire.