Registration is required. Fee can be paid online through ePay.

Registration for Session 1 closed on Monday, May 1. Registration for Session 2 closed on Friday, June 2.

Class offerings are based on student interest and staff availability.

Summer School Costs



Remediation Courses


Advancement Courses



Online Payment

Please pay for Advancement courses upon registration. There is no fee for Remediation courses.


Summer School

LTHS will offer two sessions of Summer School. Students will be in attendance on campus from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.

Semester 1 courses will be offered during the first session, June 5 - 29, except for the week of June 19. June 19 is a holiday; classes that week will meet Tuesday - Friday, June 20 - 23.

Semester 2 courses will be offered during the second session, July 5 - 27. Please note that in the first week of the second session, July 5 - 7, classes will be held on Wednesday through Friday due to the July 4 holiday. The last day of classes, July 27, for the second session will be a full day with no early dismissal. Bus transportation will be provided.

Students who have failed a course during the regular school year may enroll to recover that credit free of charge. Students who are taking a course for advancement will be charged a summer school fee of $170 per session.

Students should use this 2022-2023 Session School Session 1 form to sign up for Session 1 courses. The deadline for enrolling in Session 1 Summer School will be May 1. Students should use the 2022-2023 Summer School Session 2 for to sign up for Session 2 courses. The deadline for enrolling in session 2 Summer School will be June 2. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate with their counselor prior to enrolling in summer school to ensure they are in the correct course. Please remember that course availability will ultimately be determined based on enrollment and staff availability.

Summer School Session Schedule

Session 1

Session 2

June 5 through June 29

July 5 through July 27

Courses for Credit Recovery*

Courses for Advancement

English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12

US History (Session 1 Only)
US History (Session 2 Only)

Math 1
Math 2
Math 3


*All courses for credit recovery will also be offered at the Instructional level as necessary for students with IEPs.