Career & Community Connections

Career & Community Connections

Career & Community Connections (CCC) is a vocational transition program for persons with disabilities, ages 18-22.

Instruction provided at CCC to these LTHS graduates centers around independent living, vocational training, and community involvement. Training is individualized based on the young adult’s abilities, needs, and goals‒whether those goals are gainful employment, independence at home, or a comfortable transition to a day program for adults.

Students develop communication skills, as well as daily skills for living, such as cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, personal finance, and time management.

For students who aspire to be gainfully employed, a CCC Career Facilitator will work to place those students in suitable positions with a local employer. There they will develop vocational skills, improve their ability to communicate, and enjoy the socialization that a work setting provides. Though positions are not paid initially, many ultimately develop into paid positions or provide vital work experience and references necessary for securing paid employment.


Employers wishing to provide a work experience opportunity for students should contact the CCC. Positions are not paid. There is no expectation or commitment to hire students, only the willingness to provide a suitable environment for a student to learn vocational skills and participate in a work environment. Work can also be done for employers off-site at the LTHS Central Campus.

To discuss these opportunities, please contact Maureen Marthaler at mmarthaler@lths.org.

“There's a misconception that people with disabilities can’t learn. It’s not that they can’t learn, it’s that they learn differently. It’s our job to help them to figure out the best ways that they do learn and then apply that to real-life situations.”

John Ford  

   LTHS Career Facilitator