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APRIL 30, 2021

Lockport, Ill. − On April 29, 2021, the Lockport Rotary Club and Lockport Township High School celebrated the 66th Annual Top Ten Percent Ceremony at East Campus. The event honored 134 members of the Lockport Township High School Class of 2021 who were among the top ten percent of their graduating class based on weighted and unweighted rankings. The event was established in 1955, by a group of Lockport merchants who organized to recognize high school seniors who excelled academically. This year, Rotary President Ron Cornolo had that honor, joined by LTHS Superintendent Dr. Robert McBride, Principals Dr. Kerri Green and Dr. John Greenan, and senior class representative Nuvia Hernandez.

The following students were recognized for achieving the Lockport Township High School Class of 2021 Top Ten Percent:

Kirsten Adamski, Vianca Aguirre, Margaret Albrecht, Michael Albrecht, Shams Alshabani, Matthew Arens, Samuel Arient, Brandon Arnold, Jade Bailey, Ava Bartuch, Aiden Bean, Joshua Beaumont, Jaida Bender, Ryan Bennett, Frank Biamonte, Natalie Billquist, Elizabeth Bollinger, Evelyn Bombard, Isaac Bratt, Michael Brozovich, Angela Bylina, Celia Carey, William Chen, Connor Christian, John Paul Colarelli, Benjamin Combs, Shara Connelly, Grace Contos, Jack Crabbe, Aleksa Culafic, Julianna Cullotta, Elizabeth Czupta, Zachary Dalton, Nicole D’Angelo, Morgan Dapkus, Skylar Davis, Matas Deksnys, Brennan Denler, Simon Dlugopolski, Claudia Dlugosz, Angelina Dominguez, Olivia Dominici, Victoria Ehrman, Brian Eide, Mary Ewers, William Follett, Julia Fouts, Sydney Furr, Caitlyn Gaffney, Malgorzata Gasienica-Bednarz, Diego Gonzalez-Solsona, Emma Harris, Kyle Hartman, Alexander Hernandez, Katherine Hernandez, Nuvia Hernandez, Sebastian Herrera, Liam Horan, Abigail Janeczek, Ranik Jelinek, Abigail Jones, Emily Jungheim, Zoe Kladis, Isabella Klejka, Elena Knebel, Emma Knight, Zachary Kouba, Gabrielle Lesniak, Corinne Lipkin, Evan Littmann, Sarina LoCascio, Eve Maali, Zachary MacNab, Marco Marra, Kathy Martinez, Miracle McClendon, Abigail Miller, Austin Molitor, Astrid Montenegro, Alexis Mucha, Patrick Mungcal, Elisabeth Nacino, Timothy Nielsen, Logan Nommensen, Maria Janelle Olegario, Uchechukwu Onyenemezu, Emma Oster, Hailey O’Sullivan, Marissa Pasco, Delaney Pavlik, Izabela Pawlica, Madelyn Pawyza, Elyssa Pickett-Klimek, Izabella Pikul, Justina Piwoni, Angelica Porfilio, Landen Pote, Lucas Price, Chloe Ragusa, Nathan Ramsey, Bridgette Raspopovich, Quinn Robinson, Jake Ruff, Mia Jessica Santos, Edward Savant, June Schalk, Jessica Segzda, Shtile Shuaipaj, Kaycee Siears, Helene Simmons, April Smith, Julia Smolinski, Elizabeth Snyder, Joseph Specht, Eleni Stavropoulos, Paige Svoboda, Korryn Swedko, Samuel Swedo, Madeline Szarzynski, Scott Szymkowiak, Alisha Thomas, Gabrielle Thomas, Nora Thomas, Emily Thompson, Hayden Thompson, Michael Thompson, Ronan Patrick Vales, Evangelos Vassilakis, Diana Walkosz, Alyssa Wengel, Laila Williams, Julia Zajaczkowski, Sanabelle Zidan, Brianna Zukowski

A recording of this event is available at


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MARCH 19, 2021

Last weekend the Will County Health Department and the Lockport Township Fire Protection District completed second-round vaccinations for 1,600 eligible individuals, primarily senior citizens, at the East Campus of Lockport Township High School.  

The high school, with its large space and accessibility, was ideally suited for this undertaking. For those involved in the process, coming together to care for residents in the community has been profoundly gratifying.  LTHS Superintendent Dr. Robert McBride remarked, "The challenges in the vaccination process have been getting information and appointments. We're fortunate we could partner with Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, the Will County Health Department, and the Lockport Township Fire Protection District to offer our facility to those seniors who have invested in our school for so many years."

On March 20th and 21st, the Fire District, LTHS staff, and student volunteers will be back again. This time, following the success of the initial clinics, 3,200 doses will be administered.  

The clinic is by appointment only. Registration for the vaccination is through the Will County COVID-19 Vaccination Sign-up.


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JULY 21, 2020

On July 20, the Lockport Township High School District 205 Board of Education unanimously voted to reopen the high school on August 17, 2020, using a combination of in-person and remote learning. 

The district’s hybrid model aligns with the Illinois State Board of Education guidelines with an emphasis on a return to in-person learning.  With almost 3,000 students at East Campus and 1,000 students at Central, the plan’s remote learning days will reduce the number of students on campus to meet the safety parameters of state guidelines.

Under the proposed framework, students at both campuses will be divided into two cohorts alphabetically, keeping students from the same households on the same daily schedule.  Students will receive two days weekly of in-person learning and three days of remote learning.

Remote learning will differ significantly from the format in the spring during the COVID-19 school closure.  The administration collected feedback from teachers, students, and parents to identify issues and address concerns.  Instruction in the fall will support in-person learning, with strengthened accountability and participation expectations.  Incorporating a robust remote learning component also allows the district to more effectively pivot to a full remote schedule in the event COVID-19 conditions once again warrant school closures.

In constructing its reopening plan, the administration held several virtual town hall meetings with parents and staff. The board approved the plan, recognizing that conditions may change over the next month and flexibility is essential.  In speaking about the challenges the district faces, LTHS Superintendent Robert McBride stated, “It is apparent that COVID-19 is here and will be among us for quite some time. Schools, like other organizations, will have to be leaders in terms of how to live, learn, and grow despite the challenges this disease presents. Our goal is to put a high priority on safety so that we can put an equally high priority on learning.”

In anticipation of the need for more staff, the district is seeking to hire additional substitute teachers and support employees.

Lockport Township High School District 205 has published its plan on its website,  Families are encouraged to visit the website frequently for the most up-to-date information.


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OCTOBER 22, 2019

The Lockport Township High School Marching Band placed first in Class 6A at the 2019 Illinois State Marching Band Championship on October 19th, at Illinois State University in Normal.  Additionally, the marching band placed second in the Finals and won caption awards for General Effect and Crowd Appeal.  This is the ensemble’s third state class championship, having won previously in 2013 and 2015. 

Throughout the past months, the students could be seen on campus putting in long hours of practice— 2 ½ hours for three days a week and eight hours almost every Saturday.  For senior Tori Cluff, “being head drum major has been an extremely rewarding experience throughout the season. Hearing Lockport called for 6A State Champs was unreal and we all knew at that moment that our hard work finally paid off.”   

The LTHS competitive marching band, made up of 175 members, is led by Mr. Brian Covey with the assistance of Associate Director of Bands Aaron Kennedy. The show this year is entitled "Tribe" and includes music from Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen.  It is meant to be a more aggressive and rhythmic show, in direct contrast to the lyrical productions of recent years. 

The ensemble’s final competition of the season will be the Bands of America Indianapolis Super Regional Competition on October 25th and 26th.  


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AUGUST 19,2019

There are three Lockport Township High School seniors who are starting the school year with an extra boost of confidence. Alette Eide, Grace Galfano and Patrick Kozak all achieved a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

Alette and Grace both took the college admission exam in June. Grace credits her success to the honors and Advanced Placement courses she’s taken at LTHS since her freshman year. She earned a 36 on her third time taking the ACT. Grace hopes her score will help her with college admissions, though she acknowledges that it is only one aspect of the application process. Her advice to other students preparing for the test is to be relaxed, confident and focus on the task at hand. While the time constraints can be intimidating, it is important to keep moving through the test and to answer every question.

Patrick, who took the exam in February, decided that he would not retake the ACT, regardless of his score. He was very surprised and proud when he learned he had gotten a perfect score on his first and only try. Patrick plans to study aerospace engineering after graduation.


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JULY 2, 2019

SkillsUSA held its annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, June 24th-28th.  This competition was attended by over 6,500 career and technical education students who competed in 103 trade, technical and leadership fields.  Lockport Township High School had the most teams advance from state to the national championship in the school’s history.  The Porters were not disappointed.  Daniel Arechiga, Jonathan Naughton and Adriana Watson were awarded Second Place in Engineering Technology Design.  The team was required to design an innovative engineering project, create a model and give a comprehensive presentation. They were judged on their performance as a professional team by a panel of judges from the engineering field.  In its sixteen years competing at SkillsUSA, this was only the second year for LTHS to compete in this particular event.  All three silver medalists graduated in June and will be pursuing engineering degrees.

Three other LTHS teams also competed at nationals.  Madaline Aguilar and Maxwell Eallondaro competed in 3D Visualization and Animation.  This timed event required the team to create a real-world 3D creative production, using specific resources and design elements. Alexander Mullin competed in Power Equipment Technology, demonstrating his knowledge and understanding of both two and four cycle engines.  The Teamworks team was comprised of Brett MacHart, Charles Patula, Nicholas Soltys and Lucas Zentmyer. The Teamworks competition required teams to build a construction project using carpentry, electrical, plumbing and masonry skills to demonstrate their ability to work as a team.

The LTHS College and Career Applications teachers, Susan Palis, Jeff Brown, Chris Davis and Mark de la Vega, dedicated many hours after school to prepare their teams for the state and national SkillsUSA competitions.  Their hard work has not only prepared theses students to succeed in competitions such as SkillsUSA, but equipped them for further success in higher academic pursuits and in the workforce.  



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JUNE 5, 2019

Lockport Township High School teacher Jeff Brown was selected as this year’s recipient of the William and Mildred Jackson Teacher Recognition Award.  Brown, who has taught for 23 years, instructs CAD, Architecture, Engineering Design and 3D Design-Animation in the College and Career Applications Department.  

In addition to teaching, Brown is a member of the Illinois Design Educators Association (IDEA) and sponsors the SkillsUSA and Robotics clubs.  Brown was nominated for his patience, dedication and professionalism.  He devotes countless hours outside the classroom and is known for challenging his students by setting high standards.  

Brown’s impact on his students is evident by the great success they have seen this year.  Seven drafting and design students received first place at the IDEA State Competition.  Ten students were named state champions at the SkillsUSA Annual State Leadership and Skills Conference and will compete at Nationals at the end of June. 

The William and Mildred Jackson Teacher Recognition Award honors an educator who has exhibited special skills in the art and science of teaching.  It is sponsored by LTHS alumni Robert Carr and Jill Jackson Carr through the Give Something Back Foundation. The award is named after Mrs. Carr’s late parents, William Jackson, who taught science and coached golf and track at LTHS from 1958 to 1982, and Mildred Jackson, who provided music lessons for many children in the Lockport community.  The recipient of this annual award, which includes a certificate and a prize of $5,000, is chosen by a committee of administrators, teachers, and students.  

The William and Mildred Jackson Teacher Recognition Award is facilitated by the LTHS Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to providing college scholarships and resources for educational programs and opportunities beyond the district’s budget.  The Foundation is governed by a board of volunteers and sponsors several fundraising events throughout the year.  For more information about upcoming events or the organization, contact the Foundation at or call 815-588-8121.

Jackson Teacher Award


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MAY 9, 2019

There’s been a lot of hard work going on at Central Campus over the past six weeks.  Lockport Township High School STEM Exploration students have partnered with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Cog Hill Golf Course to create bluebird houses and bat boxes to use on their properties.  In February, three state parks and Cog Hill agreed to supply materials for students to use for this endeavor. The students agreed to not only build the specified wildlife habitat projects but to donate them back to these areas for the public to enjoy.  The three state parks included Walnut Point State Park (Oakland, IL), Lincoln Trail State Park (Marshall, IL), and Kankakee River State Park (Bourbonnais, IL).  A total of 90 bluebird houses and 60 bat boxes were manufactured.  

The freshmen logged hundreds of man-hours toward the effort.  They learned important design, woodworking, and manufacturing skills while giving back to the community.  Student John Ward said of the task, “I found the birdhouse project to be a very challenging, but fun project.  It feels good to build birdhouses and bat boxes to help out parks and other places.  I made some mistakes, but I worked through them.”  Isaiah Rogers agreed, commenting that he learned how to work efficiently and find different, faster ways to build.  All that the students accomplished and learned through their labor has been a tremendous source of pride for the Porters. They are also honored to have had the opportunity to produce a lasting benefit to the community.


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APRIL 30, 2019

The Lockport Township High School District 205 Board of Education held its reorganization meeting on April 29, 2019.  Four recently elected board members were sworn into office. They are Richard Ives, Michael Lewandowski, Michael Travis and Veronica Tylka-Shaw.

The Board also determined its officers, with Ann Lopez-Caneva named as President, Lisa Bickus as Vice President, and Tylka-Shaw as Secretary.


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APRIL 30, 2019

On April 27, 2019, the Illinois Design Educators Association (IDEA), in conjunction with the Department of Technology at Illinois State University, held its annual state drafting and design competition for secondary students from the State of Illinois.  Eight Lockport Township High school students qualified and competed in the state drafting contest this year.

The IDEA drafting contest is one of the largest competitions held in the United States, which features some of the best and brightest drafting and design students in Illinois.  All competitions were judged by engineers, architects and college professors in the drafting and design field. This year, over 200 students competed in ten different categories.  

At the competition, the students in individual events were given a drawing problem to solve and draw within a 2-hour time limit.  

 For the Architecture Design competition, the student team was presented with a residential redesign project in January. They presented their work on the project with a model, drawings, and renderings at the competition.

For the Engineering Design competition, the student team was presented with an invention/innovation project in January.  At the competition, they presented their research, prototype, drawings, renderings, engineering notebook/portfolio, marketing and packaging.


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APRIL 11, 2019

On April 10th, the Lockport Rotary Club hosted members of the Lockport Township High School Class of 2019 and their families for the 64th Annual Top Ten Percent Dinner at DiNolfo’s Banquets in Homer Glen.  The dinner was in honor of 117 students who ranked in the top ten percent of their graduating class. Rotary member Rick Thiernau was the guest speaker for the evening.  Thiernau shared his encouraging philosophy with the audience—“Find your passion. Make a difference.” He went on to say, “Your life will never be the same.  It will be so much richer, so much greater.”

The following students were recognized for achieving the Lockport Township High School Class of 2019 Top Ten Percent:

Ameera Abu-Khalil, Lena AbuSafieh, Summer Ali, Daniel Arechiga, Gabrielle Bach, Katelyn Bacys, Andrew Bean, Anthony Bertucci, Daniel Blaszkiewicz, David Blickhahn, Klaudia Bogacz, Hannah Bogdan, Margaret Bollinger, Marissa Bollnow, Kayla Bonfiglio, Jack Bradley, Francesca Brunetti, Nicholas Calderaro, Jazmin Cazares, Kevin Chen, William Cichowski, Grace Cochonour, Christina Conne, Abigail Connelly, Julissa Connelly, Taylor Costello, Joseph Cryer, Ruth Delgado, Caleb Derrig, Therese Diamond, James DiCaro, Desolina Dominguez, Ethan Drong, Eric Engberg, Sophia Errico, Eleanor Fahrner, Kaylee Follett, Julia Foster, Tyler Fouts, Alexa Fricilone, Elise Fricilone, Maggie Goetz, Matthew Goldbach, Jacob Grau, Aaron Grcevic, Madison Grcevic, Payton Grcevic, Abigail Groszek, Simon Harmata, Allison Hildebranski, Brianna Hillock, Cassidy Hillock, Jillian Hook, Matthew Houlihan, Rachael Howard, Mia Jenczmionka, Lauren Johnson, Emily Kalmanek, Ashley Kashark, Vincent Kast, Rebecca Keller, Eric Keta, Alexander Kistinger, Euvangalos Klementzos, Mikolaj Kowalczyk, Alison Krawczyk, Mason Kuhn, Jillian Lesniak, Jakob London, Kiera Mackin, Jacqueline Maka, Leah Mantooth, Beatriz Martinez, Alyson Matushek, Jack Moran, Nolan Murphy, Jacob Nash, Mateusz Obrochta, Jack O’Connor, Emma Odle, Chibueze Onyenemezu, Emily Padilla, Makena Paramo, Meagan Paramo, Aubree Peters, Christopher Pollard, Amanda Pollock, Paige Posmer, Cecily Pryor, Alexis Quemeneur, Samantha Raspopovich, Christian Reczek, Elizabeth Reczek, Declan Ruane, Emily Servin, Amira Shehadeh, Jelena Simon, Renee Solis, Megan Staley, John Stoch, Jaylyn Strayer, Eleanor Tessitore, Tyler Thompson, Karolina Ulinskas, Mia Vasquez, Rachel Ward, Grace Watson, John Weis, Nolan Weis, Michael West, Dana Westberg, Andrew Whetter, Stephanie Wilk, Thomas Wolf, Joshua Wolf, Ahmed Zidan, Diana Zimmerman

Presentation Table         2019 Top 10%


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APRIL 3, 2019

In February, the LTHS Future Educators of America Club launched a book drive, appealing to all the English classes to donate used books.  The reward?  A donut party for the class that gathered the most books.  Apparently, that was all the motivation students needed.  The effort yielded nearly 7,000 books, making it one of the school’s most successful charitable drives in recent memory. 

On March 28th, the club delivered the books to SCARCE, a not-for-profit organization located in Glen Ellyn.  According to Stamatina Asiouras-Hernandez, English teacher and FEA Club Sponsor, SCARCE advocates simple solutions to solve problems and believes in thinking globally, not locally. The organization works with teachers, educational agencies, therapists, and hospitals, with a goal to reduce and reuse.  

Having visited SCARCE, LTHS junior Grace Pearce remarked, “Participating in the book drive made me realize how much a book can impact a person and the earth in general.  In the beginning, I did not expect the drive to raise over 6,000 books, but now I can say my community together impacted someone’s life.”  Senior Samantha Raspopovich also found the experience gratifying, “knowing that the less fortunate will be able to read and get used out of the books donated.”

So who won the donut party?   The class taught by Gail Wiercioch, bringing in a total of 1,003 books.  The real reward, though, came in the words imparted to the students during their visit to SCARCE—it is the understanding that “one little thing makes a big difference.”

FEA Book Drive 1

FEA Book Drive 2

Book Drive Donut Party


For Immediate Release

MARCH 3, 2019

On Friday, March 1, 2019, twenty-seven Lockport Township High School drafting and design students participated in the Illinois Design Educators Association (IDEA) Regional Competition held at Joliet Junior College.  They were Bryce Bejlovec, Matthew Namikas and Sally Zhang in Introductory Computer Aided Drafting; Muhammad Zegar, Russell Simmons and Kylie Schultz in Architecture 3D Drafting; Brandon Garcia, George Guzlus and Chance Tyler in Machine Computer Aided Drafting; Brendan Klepitsch, Ben Rupnow, Antonio Ceballos, Edgar Jarusevicius, Kaira Stricklin and Abigail Obradovic in 3D Solids; Matthew Stonis, Adriana Watson, Zachary Glowczynski, Michael Strahanoski and Dennis Papafotopoulos in Assembly Modeling.  The team of Aldo Guerra, Naser Salem and William Centano competed in Architecture Design.  The team of Daniel Arechiga, Jonathan Naughton and Caleb Speechley competed in Engineering Design.

CAD/Drafting students from eight schools in the Three Rivers Education for Employment System (TREES) attended this year’s competition.  In the CAD contests, the students were given a drawing problem to solve and draw in a one and half hour time limit.  In the team divisions, the students were presented with a design problem in January, to solve and present their solutions at the regional event.  The designs were graded by architects, engineers, college students and college instructors. The students who placed in the top two in each CAD category advanced to the state competition and the first finishers in the team/design competitions advanced to state, which will be held Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Illinois State University. 

The following LTHS students placed at regionals and qualified for state:

1st place in Assembly Model Drawing - Matthew Stonis

1st Place in Introduction to CAD - -Bryce Bejlovec

1st Place in Engineering Design Team - Daniel Arechiga, Jon Naughton and Caleb Speechley

1st Place in Architecture Design Team - Aldo Guerra, Naser Salem and William Centano

The following LTHS students placed at regionals, but did not qualify for state:

3rd place in Machine CAD - Brandon Garcia

3rd place in Architecture 3D - Muhammad Zegar

This is the second year in a row that Mathew Stonis won at regionals and qualified for state.

This region is one of the largest in the state with eight high schools and 111 students competing, so it is quite an accomplishment and honor for LTHS to place in the top three at the JJC Regional Competition.  These students, led by teachers Mr. Jeff Brown and Mr. Corey Duzan, put in many hours outside of class time to prepare for this contest. Now they will need to get back to work and prepare for state where they will compete against the best of each region. 

Good luck to the students who will compete at the state competition in April!

Photo:  Standing (L-R) Brandon Garcia, Daniel Arechiga, Caleb Speechley, Jonathan Naughton, William Centano, Naser Salem, Aldo Guerra 

Kneeling (L-R) Bryce Bejlovec, Matthew Stonis, Muhammad Zegar

2019 IDEA Regionals


For Immediate Release

FEBRUARY 28, 2019

On February 22, 2019, twelve LTHS students participated in the German High School Day Competition at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where area schools meet annually to demonstrate students’ skills in the German language and culture. Since November, Lockport students have been qualifying and preparing to compete at UIC in a number of challenging categories.

A video written and carried out by seniors Kayla Lavery and Daniel Blaszkiewicz portraying a visit to a German Gymnasium (college preparatory High School) won a third prize trophy at UIC.

Sophomore Nicolas Woodward advanced to the finals round of the City Guide competition and won a third prize trophy for his stage performance about the German city of Pirmasens, where part of his family is from.

For Program Cover Art, images created by sophomores MacKenna Bochnak and Abigail Grabenhofer promoting the study of German were chosen by their fellow German students to submit as the two LTHS entries competing for selection to grace the cover of the event program brochure.

In Poetry, sophomore Elizabeth Bollinger recited the popular Matthias Claudius poem Abendlied (Evening Song) that was recently featured in a children’s album by Nena of 99 Luftballons fame. It is a type of lullaby from the 18th century that deals with finding peace in the final hours of our days and of our lives. Sophomore Max Peckman performed the prelude to the lengthy, epic work “Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen” (Germany. A Winter’s Tale). This poem was a political statement by Heinrich Heine, exiled in France in the 1830s, about his desire to help bring about a transformation away from the traditional order to the democracies of the future.

In the Global Challenges Essay category, Paris Ward had the only essay submitted by a junior to be accepted this year for competition. Her study discussed German population demographics and its connection to larger trends like international migration and environmental concerns.

Sophomore John Koroyanis and Freshman James Calvert competed in the Spelling Bee event, which follows the same rules we do in the U.S. but adds the complexity of another language, where all nouns are capitalized and vowels change through the use of the “Umlaut.” 

German 3 students Neilas Stragockis, Bryce Bejlovec and Logan Henrie wrote and performed a Skit demonstrating other idiosyncrasies of German. As they point out, since the German word “Gift” means “poison,” it’s best to say “Geschenk” instead when bringing a present through customs in Germany.

Freshman Carly Pearson also took advantage of the opportunity to visit a beginning German class at UIC, where she won prizes in a game of Kahoot, in German.

LTHS participants at UIC enjoyed getting a better view of what doors German study can open to them, and some are already mulling over what they would like to do for next year’s competition  

In January, eight LTHS students competed in the 2018-2019 National German Exam, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German. This on-line exam integrates video, audio and reading excerpts from authentic German sources. It allows students to evaluate their progress in the language and compare results against other students from the Northern Illinois Chapter of AATG, the largest chapter in the nation.

Receiving a Gold Award for Distinguished Achievement on the Level 2 exam this year were Sophomores Max Peckman and Timothy Nielsen for scoring in the 90th percentile among over five hundred students taking the exam. Each will be presented a Gold Medal on April 28th at the AATG Annual Awards Ceremony at the College of DuPage. Gold medal winners are also eligible to apply for a Study Trip Award, typically a scholarship to Concordia College’s full-immersion summer language camp in Minnesota or at the upper levels even a 4-week tour and homestay in Germany.

Winning a Silver Award with scores above the 80th percentile this year were Paris Ward and Antonio Godinez, both Juniors at Level 3.

Earning Bronze medals by performing above the 70th percentile at Level 2 were Sophomores Elizabeth Bollinger and Joshua Zdych.

With a full German program culminating in Advanced Placement German for college credit during the fourth year, the Lockport German program is fortunate to have the National German Exam at each level now to bolster students' efforts to achieve fluency and future success in language and cultural understanding. Freshmen begin preparing now to take the National German Exam in the Spring.

Kayla Lavery and Daniel Blaszkiewicz

UIC German Competition  

Nicolas Woodward