LTHS 205 Foundation


The LTHS205 Foundation is honored to be able to fund various grants for teachers, club sponsors and staff members looking to enhance their students' educational experience. 

Past Grant Awards:

  • LTHS Wind Symphony

  • LTHS Contemporary

  • A Cappella Group Vocal Point

  • Porters vs Cancer

  • Calligraphy Club

  • World Languages

  • Senior Night Out

  • Staff Easter Egg Hunt

The LTHS Foundation awards mini-grants to faculty members based on available funds. The Foundation Board will assess each proposal based on its merit. Funds are not intended to purchase equipment and supplies typically provided by the school budget. Requests for food and/or meals will not be considered. Special attention will be granted to projects that traverse the curriculum or benefit a large number of students.

The LTHS 205 Foundation strives  to support the LTHS staff. One way we can do that is to offer to pay for conferences and continuing education fees.  Staff interested in applying for a grant can find that for here: