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Calling all veterans


The Lockport Township High School Community is grateful for all our veterans and their individual and team efforts toward keeping America free.  To show our appreciation, we are reserving the January 25th home basketball game at East Campus as a special night for all veterans.  Each veteran attending will be admitted free of charge, along with two guests, compliments of the Athletic Department.

All veterans will be recognized between the Sophomore and Varsity Games.  Each veteran will be introduced to the fans by campaign or era and will remain on the floor for special recognition once everyone has been introduced. 

Please help us reach area veterans by informing them of this event.  To ensure we properly recognize the veterans in attendance, we will need their names and when/where they served.  Veterans can sign up on-line via or by contacting Mike Zaworski at or (815)588-8591.  Those interested in participating should plan on arriving by 5:30 for the ceremony.  Simply advise the personnel working at the front gate of your involvement and they will provide directions on where to report.  January 25th will be a special night for all who have served and sacrificed for our great nation.  We hope to have a great turn-out at this special event.