Lockport Township High School: East Campus

  • East East Campus, opened in 1964, serves sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Its facilities include a three-hole golf course, greenhouse, tennis courts, soccer fields, softball diamonds, and football field. Included in the 307,000 square-foot addition completed in early 1998 are 79 new classrooms, an 800-seat auditorium, a swimming pool with a 600-seat spectator area, 18 additional science labs, a fine arts facility, and a community recreation/wellness center. 

  • Mr. Dennis P. Hicks, Principal
    Dr. Jennifer Webb-Rea, Assistant Principal
    Dr. John Greenan, Assistant Principal

    Principal of East Campus     
    Mr. Dennis Hicks     
    Dennis Hicks became the East Campus principal on July 1, 2010 after serving as the Central Campus principal for four years.
    Hicks earned his Master of Arts in Educational Administration in 1996 from Governor’s State University and later served as assistant principal at Valley View High School from 2002 to 2006 before coming to Central Campus. Prior to his role at Valley View, Hicks served as dean of students and a math teacher at LTHS.