• Reality Store


    Freshman Reality Store

     The Class of 2023 team would like to inform you about an exciting activity that we have planned for your student during the fourth quarter.  Promoting career awareness and informing students as to the decisions which await them as adults are among the essential concerns of the Freshman Center.  To that end, students will be engaged in a dynamic program called the Reality Store.

    The Reality Store is a simulation that provides students with the opportunity to engage in the decision-making that adult life is all about.  During Digital Pathways, students will prepare for the simulation by making such essential choices as selecting a career, identifying their marital status, and the number of children, if any, which they foresee having by age twenty-five.  On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, students will enter our gymnasium armed with a monthly salary corresponding to their career choice and a sheet listing ten stations which they must visit at least once.  The stations will roughly correspond to the real activity of consumers. The goal of each student will be to survive one month in the adult world without going bankrupt.

    Volunteers Needed!

    Staging a successful Reality Store requires many things.  Foundational to this effort is the role of volunteers. Volunteers serve a number of roles in the Reality Store.  Most notably, they help the students record the choices (and changes) that they make at each station.

    If you are able to volunteer, please fill out this Reality Store Volunteer Form, on or before Friday, March 6, 2020.