• Online Residency Verification

  • Residency Verification is an annual requirement for all student families. The Residency Verification process will open from April 20 through July 15. Details about the Residency Verification process and important dates were mailed to families. Families must have an existing Campus Parent Portal account to complete the Residency Verification process. A copy of the letter sent from each campus can be found below.

    Parent Access: When both parents are not residing in the same household, LTHS will allow both parents full access to the student and to student records UNLESS we are provided with a legal document (divorce decree, custody agreement, order of protection) stating otherwise.

    Please Note: Only the custodial home parent will be able to complete the Residency Verification.

    Change of Address: If you changed your address, our online system will prompt you to upload documentation for proofs of residency.  For further information on which documents qualify, please refer to Three Proofs of Residency.

    Change of Custody or Guardianship: If there is a change in custody or guardianship, our online system will prompt you to upload documentation to update the changes.

    Forgot your Campus Portal Password? Here are your three options:

    1. Click on Forgot Password? on the log in screen if you have added your email address to your Campus Portal Account

    2. Email registration@lths.org

    3. Call the Technology Help Desk at (815) 588-8637