• Parking Permits

    Attention Seniors & Juniors. Please be advised that only students with a parking permit should be parking in the LTHS student parking spaces located East of the white line in the Farrell Road lot, the West portion of the 7th street lot marked with signage, and the West portion of the District Lot. Students without permits and/or parking in staff parking areas are subject to school discipline per school policy.

    Seniors who have not yet purchased a parking permit and plan to do so should purchase their sticker from the Cashier's Office located in the East Cafeteria, either before or after school or during lunch. Juniors can submit their names to the Dean's Office from Monday, 8/29 through Friday, 9/2. The Junior Lottery list will be announced on Tuesday, 9/6.

    Also, please be advised that LTHS does not have an agreement with Walmart to use its parking lot. Students who park there do so at their own risk. Students may consider carpooling to reduce traffic congestion during arrival/dismissal times. Students, families, and staff need to understand that there is increased traffic in the community and they need to be prepared for extra travel time at the start and end of the school day. Driving defensively and cooperating with one another will greatly assist with the overall safety of arrival and dismissal.

    Thank you for your cooperation and attention to these matters.

  • Parking Permit Rules


    Lockport Township High School District 205 believes the potential for student learning is enhanced in an environment which is safe, protected, and controlled. In an effort to affect this goal, a plan of action is developed for the student who drives and parks their car on Lockport Township High School property/premises.

    Parent/Guardian(s) and student please read the following instructions so both of you have a better understanding as to the rules under which your Parking Permit is issued. A STUDENT MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE AND SCHOOL ID WHEN PICKING UP A PARKING PERMIT STICKER. PURCHASING A PARKING PERMIT STICKER FOR ANOTHER STUDENT OR IN THEIR NAME IS NOT ALLOWED. All STUDENT FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO PURCHASING A PARKING PERMIT.

    1. All Rules of the Road apply when driving on Lockport Township High School property. Posted speed limits, road signs, and parking restrictions are in effect each and every day. Students may only park in designated student areas. Reminder, the City of Lockport adopted a city ordinance which states students parking outside the designated Lockport Township High School student parking lots, such as on city streets, subdivisions, and/or other parking lots outside school property on school days and during school hours, vehicles may be cited and towed by the Lockport Police Department. Careful and considerate driving practices are an expectation. Violations will result in a ticket being issued and revocation of driving privileges. Students’ vehicles should be locked at all times. Report all accidents, break-ins, and/or vandalism immediately to Police Resource Officer Kevin Brauch, located in the Dean’s Office (815-588-8330).

    2. Sharing, loaning, and/or transferring Parking Permit Sticker and/or privileges are illegal and will result in Parking Permit being revoked. Only one parking permit sticker is issued per student, to one registered vehicle either owned by that student or an immediate family member (parent/guardian). Only one parking permit sticker is issued per licensed driver.

    3. Mid-year graduates are required to turn a parking permit sticker into the Dean’s Office at the conclusion of their first semester.

    4. All Lockport Township High School students are expected to maintain excellent attendance. A student’s parking privileges may be rescinded as a means of improving the student’s attendance. Students chronically late for their first period/hour class, or caught leaving early from any class, may result in having their Parking Permit revoked.

    5. Student(s) found in a car during school hours (without school permission) may have his/her parking permit revoked and disciplinary action is taken. Vehicles parked in the designated student parking areas are not allowed to be moved from the Lockport Township High School East Campus without school permission except at dismissal time. Violation may result in parking permit revocation.

    6. The online registration form serves as a confirmation of LTHS policy and rules regarding parking. (Please note, the form is only accessible through an LTHS account.) Follow this link to register: https://bit.ly/lthsparkingapp22-23

    7. At Welcome Back Days, students and parents should have completed the online registration form, present a valid driver’s license, and present a student ID verifying the student is a senior for the 2022-23 school year. Student fees must be paid prior to receiving a parking permit. Online registration also allows for a pre-payment of $100. Follow this link to pay: http://bit.ly/lthsepay

    8. *Fee requirement – students who are mid-year graduates, enrolled in Co-op, Wilco, or Beauty School are required to apply for Parking Permit privileges for a fee of $100. – Senior student parking permit fee is $100.

    9. Payment requirements if payment is made with a check, please write your student’s name in the memo section with the initials “PP” (Parking Permit) indicated next to their name. Please make a check payable to LTHS for the appropriate amount. Pay your fee at the cashier’s office in the cafeteria. All STUDENT FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO PURCHASE A PARKING PERMIT.

    10. Once all requirements have been fulfilled, the student will be issued a permit sticker. The permit MUST be displayed on the lower part of the driver’s side rear window.

    11. JUNIOR/SOPHOMORE/FRESHMAN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE TO SCHOOL IF there are any available parking spots, a lottery will determine parking privileges for Juniors only.  Parking in the lots at Lockport Township High School East Campus without a valid parking permit displayed in the appropriate area will result in one or all of the following consequences: disciplinary action, a ticket being issued, and/or the car being towed.



    1. Your child understands driving and parking in the assigned student Lockport Township High School property/premises is a privilege, not a right;

    2. Lockport Township High School may revoke this privilege at any time due to parking and/or other Lockport High School policy infractions. The parking permit fee is non-refundable and;

    3. By applying for and accepting a Lockport Township High School Parking Permit, your student consents to the search of his/her automobile while it is parked on Lockport Township High School property/premises.

    For further questions, please contact the Dean’s Office at Lockport Township East Campus (815) 588-8330.