• Welcome to Apex Learning

    Full online learning is underway! Here are some tips from LTHS teachers:

    1. Make sure you are awake, alert, and ready to learn when you engage with the Apex program.

    2. Plan to work approximately 4 hours a day on APEX materials

    3. Be sure to watch the videos and do the readings that are part of the lessons to help facilitate student understanding and learning.

    4. When submitting assignments to teachers, title the email with: Last name, Course, Unit and Assignment.

    5. When emailing the teacher for help, title the email with: Last name, Course, and HELP.

    6. What should a student do when they are confused about content?

      • DO:

        • Consider rewatching the video.

        • Use Khan Academy, especially for math and science support.

        • Email your teacher to set up an appointment.

      • DON'T:

        • Get overly stressed! Apex supports you with flexibility.

        • Step back from the work and move on to another content area. For example, if you are struggling with something in PE, don’t work on PE until you meet with your teacher.

    Parents will receive weekly emails about their student’s progress. Parent who don’t receive a progress summary email, should check their spam or junk mail folders before contacting their student’s counselor. Click here for more information.

    Parents and students, please remember that:

    • Everyone will get better with the APEX program over time and with additional usage. As with any class, as you become more familiar with the structure, your comfort level and productivity will increase.

    • When students are struggling with content or the program or just have questions, the student should contact the teacher. This will expedite the solution process.

    • Teachers will respond in 24 - 48 hours to emails or phone calls during the work week. They may not respond during the weekend.

    It is important to remember that everyone has to set time away from school and work to ensure success during the pandemic. We ask students, parents and teachers to please make sure they find time to disconnect and take care of yourself.

    Finally, we’ve made a video to help support your understanding of the Study Guide feature in APEX and how to use it to its fullest potential. Please click here to view this 2 minute video.