• LTHS offers a comprehensive educational program that will provide a strong foundation as students move toward further training in their post-secondary experience. The contents of the Course Description Handbook are provided to assist students and their parents in the registration process. It is important that students begin to set long-term career goals and to devote their high school years in preparation of these goals. Lockport Township High School guidance counselors are available for consultation.  

     The District's educational program will seek to provide an opportunity for each child to develop to his or her maximum potential. The objectives for the educational program are:

     To foster self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-discipline.

    • To develop an appreciation for the value of persistence and perseverance.
    • To develop an awareness of and appreciation for cultural diversity.
    • To stimulate intellectual curiosity and growth.
    • To provide fundamental career concepts and skills.
    • To help the student develop sensitivity to the needs and values of others and a respect for individual and group differences.
    • To help each student strive for excellence and instill a desire to reach the limit of his or her potential.
    • To develop the fundamental skills that will provide a basis for lifelong learning. To be free of any sexual, cultural, ethnic, or religious bias.