• Club Description: The Winter Guard at Lockport Township High School is an extra-curricular activity which offers participation to both males and females. The activity demands physical involvement in rehearsal and performance including sequential body movement and choreography both with and without flags. Many members of the Winter Guard are also members of the Color Guard the visual aspect of the Marching Band. The Winter Guard season runs from January through April. The purpose of the Winter Guard is to strive for excellence, develop teamwork, and to entertain at the highest performance level. Thus, the indoor guard opportunity is a blend of that produces “The Sport of the Arts.”

    Sponsors/Contact Information: Mr. Brian Covey Phone: (815)588-8494

    Meeting Location: Central Campus, Auditorium Stage or Gym 1.  4:00-9:00 PM  (Junior Varsity & Varsity.)  Tuesdays and Thursdays.

                                   Practices are also held on various Saturdays and Sundays.  See Activity Calendar for dates and times.

    Schedule of Events: Saturday, January 18th   Parent Performance
                                      Sunday,   January 26'th   Naperville North High School
                                      Sunday,   February  9'th  Naperville Central High School
                                      Saturday, February 22'nd Lake Park High School
                                      Saturday, March 1'st       Chicago WGI Regional
                                      Sunday,   March 2'nd       Lincoln Way East High School
                                      Saturday, March 7'th       Amos Alonzo Stagg High School
                                      Saturday, March 14'th     WGI Mid East Power Regional
                                      Sunday,   March 15'th     WGI Med East Power Regional
                                      Saturday, March 28'th     Circuit Championships
                                      Sunday,   March 29th      Circuit Championships
                                      Wednesday, April 1-Saturday, April 4'th WGI Championships