Speech Team

  • Club Description: The speech team competes in a total of ten tournaments from November through February. The thirteen competitive events range from public speaking to acting. Students who like to write their own material may compete in original comedy, original oratory, or special occasion speaking. Dramatic and humorous duet acting as well as dramatic and humorous interpretation is designed for those who like acting. Other events include radio speaking, extemporaneous speaking, impromptu speaking, oratorical declamation, prose, and poetry reading.

    Sponsors/Contact Information:
    Head Coach: Alexander Hamilton | ahamilton@lths.org
    Assistant Coaches: Stephanie Benito | sbenito@lths.org and Alissa Johnsen | ajohnsen@lths.org

    Meeting/Practices: Rooms 28 & 30 - East Campus. Practices are in person or virtual due to increasing COVID rates.

    Tournaments: TBD