Virtual Activities Fair
  • LTHS is hosting a Virtual Activities Fair!

    Check out the Activities Interest Guide for informational and introductory videos for the many clubs and activities offered at Lockport Township High School. It's a great way for Porters to find their interests, make friends, develop skills, gain experience, and build their future.

    Lockport Township High School's Student Activities Director is Mr. Brian Lessner. You can reach Mr. Lessner by phone at 815-588-8231, or you may email him at

  • Activity Program Modifications

    The LTHS Activities Program is equally important and robust. Much like Athletics, activity sponsors will have to modify their programs to conform to the same Public Health safety guidelines used for in-person learning. Like Athletics, the LTHS Activities Program will be discontinued if the State or State Health Region 7 returns to Phase 3 or Phase 2.

    Extracurricular activities must follow the IDPH requirements set forth for the school setting, which include social distancing, appropriate use of PPE, limiting the number of individuals in one space to 10 individuals during Phase 3 and to 50 or fewer in Phase 4.

    • Require the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including face coverings during all meetings/rehearsals.

    • Prohibit more than 50 individuals from gathering in one space.

    • Ensure 6-foot physical distance from other persons as much as possible.

    • Support hand hygiene.

    • All district policies will apply regarding COVID 19 procedures.

    The Activities Program will use a location-based approach to determine procedures and activities. Guidance will be given to the clubs and activities based on the location of their meeting/event. Categories will include: 1) Classroom; 2) Auditorium; 3) Field Trips; and 4) Events.


    Yearbook, Newspaper, Orchesis, Video Club, Foreign Language NHS, Steppers, Technology Club, Snowball, Sign Language Club, Art Club, Auto Service Club, Beta Club, Computer Club, FEA, Great Books, Interact, International Club, Literary Magazine, All activities currently in New Club process.
    • Virtual meetings will be held for the first semester.

    • Sponsors will keep attendance regarding their participation level.

    • Data will be evaluated at the end of the semester in order to ascertain space requirements for each club to ensure IDPH requirements can be followed.

    • Live stream club meetings using virtual meeting platforms (Zoom, Google Meets) to provide students with synchronous access.

    Auditorium (Performance-based activities)

    Band/Color Guard, Choir, Porter Players
    • Phase 4 limit is 50 people.

    • Follow all IDPH and school board requirements for the 20-21 school year.

    • Consider moving club meetings/rehearsal outdoors if weather and safety considerations permit.

    • Ensure students are 6 feet away apart and wearing PPE.

    • Live stream club meetings/rehearsals using virtual meeting platforms (Zoom, Google Meets) to provide students with synchronous access.

    • Curricular expectations will apply as seen in band and choir co-curricular ensembles.

    Field Trips

    Charitable Fundraisers, Volunteer Events, Guest Speakers

    Field trips are discouraged until state and local health officials have determined that it is safe to resume them. The CDC recommends pursuing virtual activities and events in lieu of field trips. When safe to resume, allow minimal interaction of different groups of students. Ensure IDPH requirements for social distancing, capacity limits, hand hygiene, and PPE both at the field trip destination and during travel to and from the location are met.


    Speech, Student Government, Chess, Math Team, AFJROTC, Science club-JETS, Science Club-PILOTS, Scholastic Bowl, Class Sponsors, Best Buddies, E-FACS (Porter culinary team), Robotics, Horticulture Club, Ski and Snowboarding Club

    Events are currently looked at on a case by case basis.

    • Practices and Meetings should be held virtually.

    • Reviewing and revisiting a Homecoming Week plan with the shift of Football season to the Spring.

    • Second Semester events are still scheduled (Prom, TWIRP, etc).

    • IHSA and SWSC competitions are being decided at the state and conference level.

    • Competitions conducted by outside organizations (Skills USA, FFA, etc.) will be decided on a case by case basis by the administration.