Best Buddies

  • Club Description: Best Buddies is an international organization that fosters one on one friendships between students attending regular education classes and those students who have special needs. Students are encouraged to get together outside school, call each other on the phone and email. Parties are held after school alternating months. Through Best Buddies, students are able to see that we are all more alike than not.

    Sponsors/Contact Information:  
    Ms. Sue Herring, Phone: (815)588-8708,  Ms. Rosemary Summers, Phone (815)588-8454, and Ms. Heather Bleck, Phone (815)

    Meeting Locations: East Campus (Locations vary based on Activity)  Officers Meetings on Wednesdays - East Campus Room 44  at 3:00 PM

    Meeting Time: Please listen to announcements, and or check Daily Announcements

      9/6/18 Matching Party 
      9/23/18  Bowling Night
     10/13/18 Konows 
     10/28/18  Trunk or Treat
    11/9/18  Fall Dance 6:00 PM
    11/30/18  Talent Show
    12/14/18  Movie Night
    1/11/19  Art Party
    TBA  Romeoville Dance
    1/12/18  Art Party  6:00 PM
    2/27/19 Orchesis Dance Show 7:00 PM
    2/28/19 Orchesis Dance Show  7:00 PM
    3/7/19 Spread the Word to End the Word Day  All Day
    3/15/19  St. Baldricks Game-Dance  6:00 PM
    TBA Romeoville Guys/Girls Afternoon 
    TBA  Friendship Walk 
    TBA  End of the Year Banquet