Common Core Resources

  • Common Core State Standards in Illinois presentation with Sandra Alberti and Susie Morrison. 

    After her presentation, Sandra presented to legislators in Springfield.  All told she presented to over 700 people over two days and was featured in yesterday’s Daily Herald here.

    Here are some resources from that presentation.

    ·         Presentation Materials:

    • To view the Power Point that Sandra delivered click here.  If you have a browser window already open, the Power Point will appear in the lower left of the window.  Note that the Power Point also includes additional information in the “Notes” section. 
    • We have asked our speakers to respond to the questions that we were not able to answer in the time allotted.  We will be sending you the answers to those questions by May 9.
    • We will be sending you a link to video from all of Sandra’s Illinois presentations by May 9th.   
    • To check out ISBE’s Common Core resource page for educators that Susie mentioned click here.
    • To read the ISBE Common Core newsletter, called “Capture the Core”, click here.  


    ·         Resources: 

    • To view a smart, three-minute Common Core animated video that explains the step-wise progression of the standards click here
    • For your students’ parents and community members:

    • Stay on top of what’s happening in Illinois classrooms by visiting frequently and signing up for the Core Connection newsletter here! To view the April newsletter featuring information about the new science standards, click here.  
    • To get tips for talking to teachers about the Common Core click here
    • Check out the Parent and Teachers Association’s Parent Guides.  The Parent Guides explain what students will be learning in each grade in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics under the Common Core State Standards, and how parents can support their students’ learning.
    • For Teachers, Administrators and Educator Preparation Staff: 
    • Communications:

    ·         Remember, there is a free Illinois-based resource for helping you communicate to families about the Common Core and new assessments. Visit to download materials like letters to parents about the Common Core and ISAT cut score elevation (available in 5 languages) and tips for talking to parents about the Common Core.  

    ·         Educators and community members can stay on top of what’s happening in Illinois classrooms by visiting frequently and signing up for the Core Connection newsletter.
    View the April newsletter featuring information about the new science standards.

    • For ELL students: 

    ·         Educators can find resources by “Understanding Language” at Stanford that will help them better understand the critical role that language plays in the Common Core State Standards.  This resource is valuable for all teachers and has a focus on ELLs. 

    • Twitter: @ELLStanford

    ·         Educators can review the newest version of English Language Development Standards by WIDA 2012 Amplified English Language Development.  The standards span grades Kindergarten to 12.  Standards:

    ·         The CCSSO English Language Proficiency Development Framework was developed to assist states in how to use the expectations of the Common Core State Standards as a tools for the creation and evaluation of English Language Proficiency Standards:

    • Kindergarten:  This document describes the alignment as well as the distinct purposes of the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten and the DRDP-SR© (2012) Instrument for measuring growth throughout the kindergarten year:  
    • Professional Development Related to English Language Arts Standards:  One of our panelists, Jane Hunt, mentioned that you can find a list of resources and books compiled by the International Reading Association to support professional learning in the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts/Literacy including strategies for learning through professional learning communities (PLCs):
    • ·         Twitter: @IRAToday


    ·        Upcoming Presentation:  Please join us for a presentation by one of the most highly regarded former superintendents in the country, Jerry Weast.  Jerry led the Montgomery County Public Schools, the 16th largest public school district in the U.S for 11 years.  While there, he directed a comprehensive reform effort to raise academic standards and aggressively narrow achievement gaps for more than 140,000 students.  The presentation will take place on Thursday, May 30th from 7pm to 9pm in North Chicago.  Please join us for this stimulating discussion of what sustained, deep and meaningful change involves.  Feel free to share this to others you think may find this of interest.  You can RSVP by clicking here