How Can I Help Now?

  •  Matching -- Matching is an excellent vehicle to double or triple your donation to LTHS without much difficulty. Many companies and organizations will match charitable contributions made by their employees. The process is simple. Ask your employer to provide you with the proper forms and submit them. If you know of this program before you make the gift, it is a good practice to make the LTHS District 205 Foundation aware so we follow up with the employer.

    Planned Gifts -- A planned gift can have many advantages. They can provide tax advantages, create income and can help the donor make a sizeable gift to LTHS that may not have been possible before.

    Bequests -- A bequest is something a donor gives or leaves by will -- especially personal property. Leaving part of your hard-earned assets (i.e., land or percentage of your overall estate) to the LTHS District 205 Foundation can be a wonderful way to be remembered for eternity.

    Donate Stocks and Securities - Another way to make a gift to LTHS is to donate appreciated securities (i.e., stocks, mutual funds). The costs of donating may be reduced because of the avoidance of double taxation.

    First, you will be entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of appreciated securities (i.e. stocks, mutual funds) if they have been held for at least one year.

    Second, capital gains taxes are not paid on the transfer.

    Donors also can make gifts of closely-held stock and other securities that are not readily marketable. These gifts involve special handling; you are urged to consult your financial planner.

    More Information about Creative Giving -- More information is available on these topics by contacting the LTHS District 205 Foundation by telephone, 815-588-8121 or email, The Lockport Township High School District 205 Foundation encourages all potential donors to consult our office as well as their financial advisors and to determine how LTHS can benefit from your future estate plans. 

    Amazon Smile -- When you shop at Amazon, you can support the LTHS Foundation. No need to create a new account.  Use your current account login information.