• Friday, December 13, 2019


    LTHS ROBOTICS FUNDRAISER:  Support the LTHS Robotics Team by eating at Pop's in Lockport today from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Please mention LTHS Robotics and they will donate 20% of those sales to our fundraising efforts.

    J. Brown (11/13)







    LTHS FOUNDATION/PUBLIC RELATIONS REMINDERS:  Faculty and staff members, please remember to forward any information for news releases to the Public Relations/Development Office at least three weeks prior to the event date, if possible. This gives us optimal time to prepare the news release and forward it to the local media with consideration of their deadline times and dates.  LTHS Foundation Minigrant Request forms (general and conference) and Payroll Deduction Pledge forms are available on the LTHS website via the Faculty/Faculty Forms link or via the LTHS Foundation link. Minigrants may be submitted at any time—year-round. Minigrant requests are presented for consideration at the Foundation’s regularly scheduled monthly meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of July. When submitting a completed Minigrant Request form for consideration, please allow at least seven business days prior to the next meeting so as to allow for ample time for distribution to our Minigrant Consideration Committee. Payroll Deduction Pledge forms also are available via the Faculty/Faculty Forms link and may be submitted and/or contributions amended at any time throughout the year. Thank you for your cooperation and support of our programs. Feel free to call extension 8121 with any questions.

    J. Wheeler