District Goals 2020-2021

  • Curriculum & Support Services

    GOAL STATEMENT: All Lockport Township High School Students will graduate with college credit, military service, industry credential, or viable employment history by 2025.

    Facilities and Finance

    GOAL STATEMENT: Maintain between 6 and 12 months cash on hand for the operating funds of the District, overall as well as by fund. (The operating funds of the District are Educational, Operations & Maintenance, Transportation, Municipal Retirement, and Social Security/Medicare).

    Climate and Culture

    GOAL STATEMENT: Develop a system using Forecast Five Analytics tool 5 Lab to analyze the number of students recommended for interventions. Math will be one main area of focus and will help us analyze our effectiveness in addressing learning gaps and struggles.

    Human Resources

    GOAL STATEMENT: The Personnel Department will build a workforce that reflects the diversity of the District 205 community by a) developing a recruitment process that attracts quality candidates and b) retaining effective employees through culturally responsive professional development and training.


    GOAL STATEMENT: Purchase and invest in the most current, appropriate, and available technology for students in order to support in-person and remote learning as well as developing students' executive functioning skills.


    GOAL STATEMENT: Enhance student achievement through communication. Develop meaningful campaigns in coordination with Guidance, Activities Director, student groups, and others to address specific areas of concern or engage specific student populations.