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    Instructional Technology

    • Why embark on an instructional technology initiative? 
    • Technology is not new at LTHS. For several years LTHS has embraced the use of instructional technology. 
    • Our mission statement directs us to “utilize effective teaching methods and current technology.”
      Currently at both East and Central
      campus technology is already deeply embedded within the classrooms.
             Our students need 21st Century skills, the ability to read for understanding, analyze,
             synthesize and create using current and emerging technologies. Thus, embracing
             technology as a tool that connects students, curriculum and learning will provide
             students with the skills necessary to be College and Career Ready.

    LTHS Instructional Technology Plan

    •  What is the plan?
                In January 2014, we provided Chromebooks to sophomores. For the 2014-15 academic year, all freshmen and
                sophomores will be given a Chromebook resulting in three full classes of students
                having a device. Personal devices as well as Chromebooks already in the district
                will be available for the senior class.

    • Why did district start with the sophomore class?
             We began with sophomores because in the spring of 2015 they will be the
             first class to take the PARCC exam. The PARCC exam, which replaces the PSAE
             exam, will be administered entirely online.

    • What has the district done to prepare for this initiative?
             During the 2012-13 academic year, instructional technology pilots were developed in
             each curricular area. Learning Management Systems that support digital curriculum,
             online assessments, and teacher-student collaboration were researched and
             piloted. District staff received extensive professional development opportunities to
             explore, learn, and utilize technology. During this past summer, major upgrades in
             our network wiring took place at East and Central campuses. We also added a new wireless
             network and increased bandwidth to support the technology plan and allow personal technology
             devices to access the district wireless network.


    • What is a Chromebook?
              A Chromebook is a personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system.
             The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support
             applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on
             the machine itself.

    • Why did the district select Chromebooks?
    After review of several devices, Chromebooks were selected after being used in
    LTHS pilot programs and our technology department studied current use in other
    school districts.
    • What will this cost and who is paying for it?
    Chromebooks are less expensive than Windows laptops and Windows laptops vary
    in cost depending on how the machine is configured. Chromebooks range from $250
    to $300. School District 205 will be paying for the initial purchase of the
    • What if the Chromebook is lost or damaged?
    Students and parents will be responsible for the Chromebooks once they are
    assigned to a student just as they are responsible for the cost of lost and stolen
    textbooks. The district is offering several insurance options that families can purchase to
    protect the device. Please click on the insurance document link to learn more.

    • Will students be allowed to bring their Chromebooks home?
    Yes. Just like textbooks, students will need to use the Chromebooks at home to fully
    engage in the curriculum.

    • What happens if the Chromebook is not working?
    The district will support broken devices and have loaner devices available when a
    student's regular machine is not working.


    • Will I still receive textbooks?
    Yes, students will still receive textbooks in some classes. Students can expect
    fewer textbooks in the upcoming years, however, as LTHS expands its
    implementation of instructional technology. Students will be using a blend of textbooks, handouts, electronic instruction and other resources in the district’s coursework.
    • How will I be prepared for technology use?
    Freshmen instruction will include Digital Pathways, which is a revision of our former
    Tech Survey Program. Digital Pathways focuses on digital citizenship, 21st Century
    skills and career explorations for our freshman students.

    • How will I be protected from objectionable internet content?
    The district’s filtering software works on school property. LTHS maintains a content
    filter and firewall for all Internet-enabled computers and equipment.

    • Will I be allowed to bring my own technology to school?
    With teacher approval, students may bring their own devices. The personal device,
    however, will not be supported by the district.

    • Will I be allowed to access the school wireless network?
    Yes, students will have access to the school’s wireless network. The district’s
    content filtering system includes personal devices.


    • How can I protect my student from objectionable internet content at home?
    Parents can call their internet provider and inquire about setting up content filtering.
    You can also use other sources that allow parents to control what sites can be seen
    at home for all devices such as Open DNS.

    • Do I need to have internet service at home for this device to work?
    While the Chromebook and other devices can be equipped with off-line apps that
    can be used when the device is not connected to the Internet, there will be some
    projects and assignments that do require internet access.

    • What happens if we do not have Internet service at home?
    Wi-Fi access is available to students in the media center before and after school.
    Students also can use community access points, such as public libraries and local

    • Are there any low-cost Internet plans for our homes?
    Yes, high speed Internet access can be purchased for families qualifying for
    free/reduced lunch through Comcast for $9.95 per month. Please visit
    www.InternetEssentials.com to learn more.

    • I do not want my student to have a Chromebook. Can I opt out?
    No. These devices will be an integral part of classroom instruction, and without a device,
    students would be unable to participate fully in classroom activities and