• Required Documents for Registration  

    Please be prepared to present the following items on this page, along with all completed forms. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to access the forms. We encourage you to download the forms and type directly on them, as most of the forms are fillable forms. Some forms require signatures; you will need to sign the forms after you print them. Any documents that are not written in English must be translated through a translation service and presented in English for review.

    ___Completed Enrollment Form – (Click here to download the form)

    ___Certified Birth Certificate – (Click here to order a replacement birth certificate)

    Please provide the Official Certified Birth Certificate with a raised seal issued by the county/country in which the student was born. We do not accept the decorative footprint hospital certificate.

    ___ Valid Driver’s License or State I.D. or Valid Passport

    ___Any Existing Legal Custody/Divorce Decree/Guardianship Documents, if applicable

    If there are any legal documents pertaining to custody of the student, you must provide a copy of that documentation.

    ___Current Physical (English) - Click here to download a physical form in English

    Students transferring from a school within the State of Illinois will need a copy of the 9th grade physical or most recent one available. Students transferring from out of state will need a physical dated within the last 12 months and comparable to the State of Illinois state requirements. Students transferring from out of the country will need a complete physical on the State of Illinois physical form.

    ___Most Recent IEP or 504 Plan, if applicable

    If the student is receiving special education services, you must provide a copy of the most recent documentation in order to set up appropriate placement.

    ___Unofficial Transcript, Withdrawal Grades and Schedule – (Click here to download a Request for Records form): These documents are needed in order to set a class schedule and ensure proper credit.

    ___8th Grade Diploma - Required for students entering the 9th grade only.

    ___Standardized Test Scores: Copies of the following: ACCESS, EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, PSAE

    ___Illinois State Student Transfer Form – (Click here to download the form)

    Public schools in the State of Illinois will provide the Illinois State Transfer Form to the parent at the time of withdrawal stating that the student is in good standing at the time of the transfer.

    ___Discipline Disclosure Form– (Click here to download the form)

    Students coming from out of state, private schools, or out of country must fill out the discipline disclosure form.


    ___Principal's Concurrence Form (Click here to download the form)

    Only the yellow highlighted sections of this form need to be completed by the parent/guardian. Note:  A student is not eligible to participate in an interscholastic contest until the Principals’ Concurrence Regarding Transfer Form is fully executed by both principals and is on file in the offices of the school to which the student transfers.

    ___Three Proofs of Residency: Parent/Guardian name with current address

    Acceptable types include:

    Valid Driver’s License or State I.D. or Valid Passport and two of the following:

    Mortgage Papers

    Current Property Tax Bill

    Current Homeowners/Renters Insurance Bill

    Current Auto Registration or Insurance

    Current Utility Bill: Gas, Water, Electric, Garbage, Cable, Phone (dated within the last 30 days)


    Once you have all of the Required Documents for Registration, please use the information below to contact the appropriate registrar to setup your intake meeting. Feel free to use this contact information if you have any additional questions.


    For students enrolling in Grade 9, contact:


    Lockport Township High School

    Registrar’s Office, Central Campus

    1222 S Jefferson St

    Lockport, IL 60441- 3541


    Ms. Jennifer Cunnane

    Phone: 815-588-8251

    Fax: 815-588-8259

    Email: jecunnane@lths.org  



    For students enrolling in Grades 10-12, contact:


    Lockport Township High School

    Registrar’s Office, East Campus

    1333 E 7th St

    Lockport, IL 60441- 3898


    Last name M-Z:

    Ms. Pauline Guadagno

    Phone: 815-588-8354

    Fax: 815-588-8359 

    Email: pguadagno@lths.org

    Last name A-L:            

    Ms. Mary Marciniak                          

    Phone: 815-588-8351                     

    Fax: 815-588-8359       

    Email: mmarciniak@lths.org    





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