Physical Education Course

  • The students’ performance will be assessed as they participate in a variety of physical activities. They will be excepted to demonstrate knowledge of the subject as well as individual and team concepts. In order to maximize these experiences, the students expectations are as follows:

    • Attend class on a regular basis within the department guidelines.
    • Be prepared for class with necessary materials, or uniform.
    • Participate in each activity to the best of his/her ability as directed by the instructor.
    • Receive a passing grade on written work.
     PE Uniforms can be purchased through the Bookstores located in both campuses.

    Physicial Education Staff Directory

    • All
    • Barham
    • Beal
    • Cannon
    • Cunnane
    • Dillard
    • Elkei
    • Frieri
    • Jeglinski
    • Kravitz
    • Lewandowski
    • Lindley
    • McKillip
    • Mrozek
    • OConnell
    • Peterson
    • Pohlmann
    • Pravda
    • Razo
    • Rolston
    • Sniegowski
    • Sparlin
    • Valcich
    • Zeimetz
    • Zimmerman
    • All
    • Department Chair
    • Teacher