• Welcome to Advanced Placement United States History!

    We are glad you will be undertaking the journey with us from Columbian exploration to the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. Your summer assignment is to complete the Period 1 term list which you will find on the attachment.

    You are required to do your own work – this is NOT a group assignment. Also, use your own words in your explanations – do NOT copy and paste. See # 4 as an example of the type of work expected on this assignment.

    Also, for numbers 18-22, you will be asked to provide the historical context, the audience, the author/artist’s point of view, and the purpose of each document. What does this all mean?

  • Historical Context: What are the historical forces at work at this time? For example, the historical context of Franklin Roosevelt pushing for legislation to alleviate unemployment is that the United States is experiencing terrible economic problems during the Great Depression.

    Audience: For whom is the document created? For example, Ronald Reagan’s ‘Tear down this wall’ speech was intended to be heard by pro – Communist leaders in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, along with pro-Democracy citizens demanding change.

    Point of View: What is the author/artist’s point of view? For example, a writing from Benjamin Franklin might be written from the point of view of someone who supported independence from Great Britain during the pre-Revolutionary period.

    Purpose: What is the purpose of the document? For example, the purpose of a population graph might intend to show the presence of one group of people increasing while another group decreases.

    Refer to #19-20 for examples of the type of work expected to answer these questions

  • The following resources are recommended to complete the assignment, although other sources may be acceptable as well.

    Username: lockport | Password: porters – all lowercase for both username and password. You can also access the site by going to lths.org, clicking on the ‘Academics’ tab, the ‘Social Studies’ tab, the 'Study Resources' tab, and then clicking on the ‘ABC Clio American History’ link.
    Official University Websites
    Look for ‘.edu’ in the web address

    If you have a question about the validity of a source you may email Mr. Pearson at bpearson@lths.org or Mr. Vasile at rvasile@lths.org. It is strongly recommended that you not wait until the end of the summer to complete the assignment.