• The Roger Alan Simpson Hydrology and Water Resources Science Scholarship

    The Roger Alan Simpson Memorial Scholarship was established to commemorate the life of Roger Alan Simpson. In his lifetime, Roger demonstrated an uncommon commitment to improving the lives of others through his career choice, volunteerism, hard work, and philanthropy.  

    A successful businessman in our community and a 1971 graduate of LTHS, Roger was a water well contractor; owner of a third-generation water well and water conditioning contracting business—Simpson Well and Pump Company. Roger carried the business into its 93rd year.

    Always ready to donate to food pantries, domestic violence, and homeless shelters, special needs children, and the abused—generous beyond the norm.  These are the things that mattered to Roger; doing good deeds in the shadows.  

    Often, while working for people in his business, Rog reduced his bill if he saw someone in need. Mission trips overseas to help build a home for abused children.  Rog once spent two days inside a volunteer tent on the national mall, when the Aids Quilt was displayed.  Roger was also an Army Reservist.  

    An environmentalist, Rog volunteered with Sierra Club and Nature Conservancy doing work projects.  A serious salvage and recycle person in his business.  He wasted nothing.  At SWP Rog worked continuously to protect groundwater from contamination.  He took little from others but left an abundance of memories and admirable footprints to follow.  Roger left this world better than when he came into it.  We are all improved from being in his life.

    A golfer, a wine connoisseur of every Pinot Noir he could find and taste; Roger enjoyed fancy cheeses.  A rocker from way back, he attended concerts locally and many that required road trips far away.   From a teenager, Rog was a Corvette Guy; owning a 1966, 1967, and a 2000.  Beloved husband, Dad, and friend to many.