• Welcome Back Days

    LTHS is preparing for the 2021-2022 school year. The Welcome Back process in August begins now with the online residency verification system. All parents/guardians of returning students are required to verify the student’s residency and contact information through the Infinite Campus Portal and make any necessary changes. Here's the link for Online Residency Verification.

    Welcome Back Days are on August 5th and 6th.

    After verifying information, parents/guardians will receive an email indicating that the information has been verified and changes received. Families will be able to attend Welcome Back Days on the assigned day and time (see chart below). At Welcome Back Days, students will receive class schedules, locker information, and school ID. Information about bus routes, fee waivers and reductions, and fee payment will be available. Guidance counselors will be available to answer questions and make necessary and approved schedule changes. Requests to amend student schedules to accommodate teacher, period, or lunch/study hall preferences will not be considered.

  • Last Name Starting With
    A - C
    August 5
    11am - 1pm
    D - G
    1pm - 3pm
    H - L
    3pm - 6pm
    M - P
    August 6
    8am - 10am
    Q - S
    11am - 1pm
    T - Z
    1pm - 3pm
    August 9
    8am - 11am

    Once parents/guardians have picked up their child’s schedule, the building will be open for families to walk through to locate classrooms and lockers. ROTC cadets will be in the hallways to assist with questions and will be available to provide guided tours of the building. Bring all your information and be ready to go!

  • School fees for the 2021-22 school year will be $305 if paid prior to July 7, 2021 and $315 after that date. The fee may be paid online by visiting www.lths.org, choosing the Parents tab, and clicking on the ePay button on the Parents page.

    Senior Immunization Requirements

    The Illinois School Code requires that all students have a record of required immunizations on file with the school district. For 12th grade students, this includes documentation of the required meningococcal vaccination. All 12th-grade students must have two doses of the meningococcal vaccine. If the vaccine is received after the 16th birthday, only one dose is required. All 12th-grade students must submit proof of receipt of the required immunizations prior to returning to school in August. Students without proof of immunization will not be allowed to pick up a class schedule in August. In addition to health care providers, many local health departments and pharmacies offer the vaccine. The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends that parents get their adolescent vaccinated now to avoid last-minute rush during the summer. If the student has received the meningococcal vaccine, parents/guardians may upload proof of vaccination through July 19, 2020, using the Campus Portal as part of the Residency Verification process. After July 16, 2021, parents/guardians will need to submit  proof of vaccination to the LTHS East Campus nurse.