• Welcome to Spring Fest, the journey continues! Our travel theme will take you through four stations located throughout LTHS, which has been transformed into an airport and various travel destinations.

  • The Experience
    1. Arrive at the LTHS East Campus Cafeteria at your designated flight time, check in for your flight, and meet your tour guide. (Make sure you bring your Flight ticket and school ID, you will need this to move from station to station throughout the event!)

    2. Your destination stations will include an interactive game center, silent disco, laser tag, and Main Stage music provided by BOOM Entertainment.

    3. Tickets will go on sale April 5th through April 9th via e-Pay.

    4. Instructions on how to sign up for flight times will be sent to student email addresses after ticket purchase the week of April 12th.

    5. Tickets sales are limited due to COVID-19 mitigations. Students are encouraged to buy their tickets early!

    Date:  Sunday, April 25, 2021
    Location:  Lockport Township High School
    Time:  Students select a Flight Departure Time between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Each flight time is reserved for 50 people. New groups will depart every half hour. The total experience will last 2 hours.
    Attire:  Casual
    Cost:  $25/person
    Safety:  All dance rules and COVID-19 safety protocols must be observed during this event.
    This event is open to all LTHS students. Outside guests are not allowed.