• AP Testing Schedule 2021

    The following calendar highlights the AP testing dates for each AP course in 2021. LTHS has opted to test later in the spring to allow for increased instructional time and socially distanced testing administrations. Please note that some tests will be administered in the traditional paper /pen format while others will be making use of the digital option afforded by The College Board.

    More information regarding exam formats, report times, and testing locations will be forthcoming. Please review the following calendar and email questions or concerns to tgallagher@lths.org.

    If you experience a quarantine that will interfere with your AP exam date, please email tgallagher@lths.org as soon as you are aware of a conflict.

    Bus transportation is available for students taking exams from May 27 - June 8, if bus service was requested in the transportation survey earlier in May.

  • The following dates are for Math, Science, and World Language exams. With the exception of Biology, these exams will be administered in the traditional format using paper and pencil. In accordance with College Board policy, morning exams will begin between 8-9 am and afternoon exams will begin between 12-1 pm.

    Date Morning Exams
    Start time: 8-9am
    Afternoon Exams
    Start time: 12-1pm
    Friday May 21, 2021 Spanish Language and Culture
    Japanese Language and Culture
    French Language and Culture
    German Language and Culture
    Music Theory
    Spanish Literature and Culture
    Monday May 24, 2021 Calculus AB
    Calculus BC
    Physics 1: Algebra-Based
    Physics 2: Mechanics
    Tuesday, May 25, 2021 Chemistry
    Physics 3: Electricity and Magnestism
    Thursday May 27, 2021 Biology (11:00am digital start time)  

    The following dates are for English, Social Science, and Computer Science exams. These exams will be administered digitally at LTHS. In accordance with College Board policy, morning exams will begin exactly at 11 am and afternoon exams will begin exactly at 3 pm.

    Date Morning Exams
    Start time: 11am
    Afternoon Exams
    Start time: 3pm
    Tuesday, June 1, 2021 English Literature and Composition  
    Wednesday, June 2, 2021 European History
    United States History
    Thursday, June 3, 2021 United States Government and Politics Psychology 
    Monday, June 7, 2021 English Language and Composition Computer Science Principles
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 Human Geography  
  • Digital AP Exam Reminders 2021

    Please be sure to follow all classroom and College Board directions to ensure that you are prepared on the scheduled exam date. Here are some helpful reminders to consider in advance of your exam:

    PRE-EXAM REMINDERS: Watch this video for a 90 second overview of the digital exam experience!

    1. April-June: Practice with Sample Questions in the Digital Testing App

    2. 1-3 Days Before Exam Day: Complete Brief Exam Set-Up (You cannot do this on exam day!)

    3. 30 Minutes Before Exam: Login and Be ready!

    • Be aware of your College Board username and password. You will not be able to access the exam without it.

    • Check/update your contact info/email associated with your College Board account.

    • Check that email account frequently in the run-up to testing.

    • All directions and timing are on the screen for you to access at any time.

    • Proctors will not interrupt the exam to announce the time remaining.

    • The exam cannot be paused. Be mindful of the remaining time. The timer will continue to countdown even if you exit the application.

    • There is a “help page” on every screen of the exam. If the app crashes or you exit the exam for any reason, you can relaunch the app; however, the timer will continue its countdown during this time.

    • You cannot go back to previous questions or skip ahead. Whenever you attempt to leave a multiple choice question that you have NOT answered, the application will provide a reminder to answer it.

    • There is a 20-minute break between sections. The exam will resume automatically in 20 minutes whether you have returned or not - so you must be mindful of the time. You should not exit the app or communicate with other students during the break.

    • Free Response questions must be typed directly into the app.

    • All work typed into the app is automatically saved. You cannot upload files or hand write responses.

    • Basic formatting tools will be available to you: bold, italic, underline, superscript, subscript, undo, redo, special characters, and cut, copy, and paste.

    • An on-screen warning will appear with 5 minutes remaining in the section.

    • Scratch paper will be supplied to you by the proctor for all digital exams.

    • Many tools are available during testing through the app! These include: a zoom in/zoom out feature, formula sheets (when applicable), printed directions, expanding left/right to increase the size of passages on screen, and a countdown timer. These tools as well as the location and function of these tools can be practiced on the app in advance of your exam!

    • You can take an unscheduled bathroom break (leaving your device in the room), but the timer will not stop.

    • There will be a “confirmation screen” when the exam has been submitted successfully.

  • See Below for Teachers and Courses

    Advanced Placement Courses AP Teacher(s)
    Biology Ms. Karen Murphy and Ms. Colleen Gosewisch (APEX)
    Calculus AB Ms. Arlene Fassola and Ms. Courtney Kreiger (APEX)
    Calculus BC Ms. Jamie Wilson
    Chemistry Ms. Sarah Steinke and Ms. Colleen Gosewisch (APEX)
    Computer Science Principles Ms. Lynnette Calhoun and Ms. Susan Palis
    English Language and Composition Mr. Christian Bugal, Ms. Laura Gilbert, Ms. Gail Wiercioch, and Ms. Carly Sullivan (APEX)
    English Literature and Composition Ms. Monika Sasulski and Ms. Carly Sullivan (APEX)
    European History Ms. Singletary-Timm
    French Language and Culture Ms. Tina Sochacki
    German Language and Culture Ms. Janet Stock
    Government and Politics, US Mr. Scott Malinowski, Mr. Jim Murtaugh, and Ms. Eileen Hacker (APEX)
    Human Geography Ms. Maria Branda, Mr. Adam Decaire, and Mr. Brett Hespell
    Japanese Language and Culture Ms. Karla Button
    Macroeconomics Mr. Nathan Spreitzer, Mr. Jon Voyt, and Ms. Eileen Hacker (APEX)
    Music Theory Mr. Chad Goetz
    Physics 1: Algebra Based Mr. Robert Champlin
    Physics C E & M Mr. Robert Champlin
    Physics C Mech Mr. Robert Champlin
    Psychology Ms. Sherri Deutschle, Ms. Maura Doornkaat , and Ms. Eileen Hacker (APEX)
    Spanish Language and Culture Ms. Kathy Pratt and Ms. Sharon Gerdes (APEX)
    Spanish Literature and Culture Ms. Andrea Quintanar
    Statistics Mr. David Lorkiewicz, Mr. Christopher Upjohn, and Ms. Courtney Kreiger (APEX)
    Studio Art 2D Ms. Andrea Baumhardt
    Studio Art 3D Ms. Andrea Baumhardt
    Studio Art Drawing Ms. Andrea Baumhardt
    US History Mr. Brian Pearson, Mr. Ron Vasile, and Ms. Eileen Hacker (APEX)