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  • Databases

    1. ABC-CLIO | Link
      1. ABC-CLIO World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras
      2. ABC-CLIO American Government
      3. ABC-CLIO American History
      4. ABC-CLIO World History
    2. Gale
      1. Gale In Context: Science | Link
      2. Gale In Context: High School | Link
      3. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints | Link
    3. Gale Literature Resource Center | Link
    4. Gale Books and Authors | Link
    5. Brittanica | Link

      Encyclopedia information on a wide range of topics with links.

    6. Teen Health & Wellness | Link

      Real Life. Real Answers.

    7. Oxford English Dictionary | Link

      A historical English dictionary that studies and evaluates the language from the earliest of times to the present.

  • Other Resources

    1. First Search | Link

      Comprehensive search tools to locate books, articles, films, and software on many subjects.

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