• LTHS Student College/Career Research Tools through Naviance

     What is Naviance?

    Naviance is a college and career readiness software provider that is available for LTHS students to use as a Career and College planning tool. This program allows students and their parents to determine the student’s learning styles and career interests, research colleges and to assist with the application process. Students each have their own “log in” for Naviance/Family Connection. As you begin/continue to use Naviance, be sure to CLICK ON FAVORITES to save colleges/careers to your student’s portfolio.

    How to Log-In?

    • LTHS homepage, scroll down and click GOOGLE APPS, 
      • Click Naviance and Log into Naviance via your google account sign in

    Career Research Tools- Click CAREERS > HOME

    • RoadTrip Nation Videos- A career exploration resource that connects young people to careers that are true to their interests. It is an archive of video interviews with more than 300 local, national, and international leaders. All interviews are conducted for students by students.
    • Career Interest Profiler- Career interest assessment for students based on Holland's interest codes (which takes into account personality types).  Students can view matching careers and career clusters organized by the amount of preparation each requires. 
    • Career Cluster Finder- Simple questionnaire that helps students discover career clusters that may be a good match based on activities that interest him or her, personal qualities the student has, and subjects the student enjoys in school.
    • Do What You Are- Uses personality types to help students identify their natural tendencies and will suggest careers and clusters that might be a good match for a student.  Results provide students with a four-part personality type. 
    • MiAdvantage- Uses Multiple Intelligences theory to reveal students’ intelligence strengths and challenges, and then provides suggestions on ways to develop all of their intelligences.  Results include strategies to boost intelligences with low and medium scores.

    College Research Tools- Click COLLEGES > HOME

    • SuperMatch- This college search tool makes it easy for students to explore their options and discover colleges that are a match with their academic profile and a fit with what they’re looking for in a college experience. 
    • Advanced College Search-  This search tool allows you to answer a series of optional questions to narrow down your college choices to just a few.
    • College Resources- These college resources are provided by your school or district to help you as you plan for college

    Other Features

    •  Resume Builder- Click ABOUT ME > MY STUFF > RESUME- Provides a framework for resume development. Resume Builder can be used to decide and work on different resume sections, and then the build tool can be used to export to a PDF or Word file.

     Game Plan: Click ABOUT ME > POSTSECONDARY PLAN > GAME PLAN- A survey entailing a series of questions designed to help your counselor work with you to develop a game plan for achieving your goals after graduation. The survey consists of about 30 questions and you can update your answers to these questions at any time, even after you indicate you are finished.