• Saturday Detention Rules

    All students assigned to Saturday Detention will follow these rules, students not in compliance will be subject to additional disciplinary action.

    General Rules:

    1. Student’s Dean assigns the next available Saturday Detention date.

    2. Student reports to​ Central Campus​ 13​th​ Street Entrance at Door #15, unless otherwise specified, and is present from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. A current student ID is required.

    3. Student’s parent/guardian is responsible for transportation to and from Saturday Detention. Parent is responsible for transportation if sent home early due to a rule violation or illness.

    4. Tardy to Saturday Detention may result in one of the following at the Dean’s discretion: a. Tardy less than 15 minutes – student may be assigned an After School Detention. b. Tardy more than 15 minutes – student will not be allowed entrance into Saturday Detention.

    5. If a student is ill on the day of their assigned Saturday Detention – student is required to bring the Dr.’s excuse to their Dean before school on Monday morning or the first day they return back to school to avoid further consequences for failure to serve. Saturday Detention will be rescheduled. Failure to comply will result in an In-School Suspension.

    6. In the event of serious, unforeseen emergency, it is the student’s parent/guardian responsibility to contact their Dean immediately explaining the circumstances. Saturday Detention will be rescheduled. Failure to comply will result in an assignment to our Behavior Improvement Center (BIC).

    7. Student is responsible for bringing enough school work to reading material to keep him/her busy during the entire time at Saturday Detention.

    8. Hang all outerwear apparel in appropriate area as advised by detention Supervisor.

    9. Talking is not permitted – only upon receiving permission from the Supervisor.

    10. Eating, gum chewing, or drinking beverages, etc. is NOT allowed.

    11. Student cannot leave assigned seat without permission from the Supervisor.

    12. Student cannot sleep or assume a sleeping position.

    13. Electronic Devices with the exception of a student’s school issued Chromebook are not allowed.

    14. All rules listed under STUDENT BEHAVIOR in the Student/ Parent Handbook apply to Saturday Detention. Any violation of Saturday Detention rules may result in being sent home and assigned to our Behavior Improvement Center (BIC) during the school day instead of being allowed to attend your regular class schedule.