Length of Course: 


    One Year (Lab Science)



    1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement: 


    11, 12 or DC recommendation



    Honors Chemistry, Integrated Math 2 and teacher recommendation or Chemistry, Integrated Math 2 with DC approval. 

    State Code:



    Course Description: Enrollment in Advanced Placement Chemistry presupposes an exceptional interest as well as ability in science. The course includes a more extensive treatment of the theoretical aspects of chemistry than encountered in first- year high school chemistry. The course, which covers most of the topics of a first-year college chemistry course, is designed to prepare students to take the AP chemistry exam in the spring. Concepts are developed through the use of lectures; inquiry based learning activities, and suitable laboratory experiments. Note: It is strongly recommended that grade 11 students enroll concurrently in AP Physics 1/College Prep Physics or enroll in AP Physics 1/College Prep Physics in grade 12. AP Chemistry has a summer reading and a summer homework assignment.