Length of Course:


    One Year (Lab Science)



    1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:


    11, 12 or DC recommendation



    Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry Honors or DC recommendation

    State Code:



    Course Description: AP Biology is patterned after a college freshman general biology course and is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in the spring of the school year. The course emphasizes inquiry based learning and reasoning of essential concepts. The course is lab oriented and uses podcasts, modeling, research, demonstrations, technology, mathematics for data analysis, and lecture to develop reasoning skills necessary to be prepared for advanced topics in college science courses. Major topics are formed around four big ideas: Evolution, Energy, Information, and Interactions. These topics will include: biochemistry, cells, evolution, energy transformation, genetics, anatomy, physiology, and ecology. No student will be penalized or disciplined for refusing to perform, participate in or observe a dissection. Upon informing the classroom teacher, the teacher will provide an alternate project to the student. Note: It is strongly recommended that grade 11 students enroll concurrently in AP Physics 1/College Prep Physics or enroll in AP Physics 1/College Prep Physics in grade 12.