Length of Course:


    One Year (Lab Science)



    1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:





    Biology, Chemistry, Physics or DC recommendation

    State Code:



    Course Description: This college-preparatory elective science course includes a detailed study of many human body systems. Homeostatic balance and disruptions with resulting diseases remains a focus throughout the course. This course is recommended for students interested in a health-related career. The course organization provides for understanding of structural and functional aspects of the human body from molecules to organ systems. Emphasis is given to the relationship and balance between body systems. Course content is supported and reinforced through laboratory work that will include several microscopic analyses of tissue specimens as well as several dissections to accompany the subject matter. Hands-on activities, research projects and presentations allow students to develop critical thinking and inquiry skills for science as well as technology through performance-based assessments. No student will be penalized or disciplined for refusing to perform, participate in or observe a dissection. Upon informing the classroom teacher, the teacher will provide an alternate project to the student. Note: Grade 11 students must receive Department Chair approval to enroll and enroll concurrently in a physics course.