Length of course: 


    One Semester



    .5 Credit

    Grade Placement: 


    10, 11, 12




    State Code:



    Course Description: A study of the theory and operation of the American Government at the state, local, and national levels. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a national government system including the drafting of the Constitution, the development of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, and civil liberties afforded to American citizens under the Constitution. Further study will include the development of the two-party system in the United States, and the foundation of state and local government. This course is designed to help young people acquire and learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives. Emphasis will be placed on government institutions; simulations of the democratic process and opportunities for service learning. Additional discourse about the current problems facing our system of government will be included. This course is required for graduation and may be taken in the sophomore, junior, or senior year.