• SPANISH FOR HERITAGE LEARNERS – WL2958 (9th graders) – WL1958 (10, 11, 12 graders)

    Length of Course:

    One Year


    1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:

    9, 10, 11, 12


    Department Chairperson’s consent.

    State Code:


    Course Description: Spanish for Native Speakers develops students’ heritage or native language of Spanish more fully through advanced study of written Spanish and Spanish grammar and academic Spanish vocabulary. Students will familiarize themselves with academic Spanish contexts to be able to excel in upper level Spanish courses at LTHS in the near future. Students will carry out various Spanish spelling and grammar exercises and complete basic expressive and formal compositions. They will initiate or improve their Spanish literacy skills by reading and analyzing Spanish periodicals and literature. Students will gain a greater understanding of Spanish speaking culture by comparing their personal experiences with accounts of Spanish speakers throughout history and the modern Spanish-speaking world.