Length of Course:                          One Year

    Credit:                                            1.0 Credit

    Grade Placement:                         11, 12

    Prerequisite:                                  Credit in German 3, or Department Chairperson’s consent.

    State Code:                                   06212A000

    Course Description: Advanced Placement German further develops the student’s communication skills in the language. Students will achieve a high level of ability in speaking, listening, writing and reading German. Students in Advanced Placement (AP) German will comprehend formal and informal spoken language; compose well-organized and coherent essays; read accurately; understand and analyze a variety of written articles and literature; express ideas; seek and give advice; defend one’s position; recognize, appreciate and understand cultural perspectives and patterns of interaction. This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement (AP) German Language Exam. Students who enroll in the AP course must have a high level of motivation and interest, as well as sufficient time to prepare out of class assignments. Authentic German realia from media and other digital resources will further an understanding of regional and cultural differences, history, modern lifestyles, as well as the role of technologies today. Exploration into globalization, environmental issues, and social problems will enhance the students’ understanding of the German-speaking countries. German use is expected in the class.