• PHOTOGRAPHY - DIGITAL - VP1837 (grades 10-12) VP2837 (grade 9)

    Length of Course:


    One semester



    .5 Credit

    Grade Placement:


    9, 10, 11, 12




    State Code:



    Course Description: This course blends traditional basic photography knowledge with the use of digital processes for the purposes of enhancing photographic imagery as both a corrective device and for creating expressive fine and commercial art. Students will explore many aspects of digital imaging and have the opportunity to develop an increased awareness of technical and aesthetic problems in digital photography. Adobe Photoshop will be used for darkroom and editing effects to produce digital imagery working with personal and stock photography. The use of peripheral hardware such as the digital camera, scanners and printing techniques is also included. A basic digital camera is used for this class (provided by the student is preferable) or loaned by the department as needed.