Length of Course:

    One Semester


    .5 Credit (Fulfills requirement for Consumer Management)

    Grade Placement:

    10, 11, 12



    State Code:


    Course Description: This course is designed to replicate the introductory macroeconomics course in a university setting; thus, demanding far more effort and commitment than a high school course. Macroeconomics analyzes the behavior of the economy as a whole, addressing such questions as why do economies grow, what causes unemployment and inflation. Topics will include supply and demand, monetary policy, fiscal policy, economic indicators, and international economics. Students will have the opportunity to take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam, which could result in course credit for some colleges and universities. There is a fee associated with the AP exam. This course fulfills the consumer education requirement for graduation and includes topics such as financial literacy, consumer debt and spending, banking, budgeting, saving and investing, simple contracts, taxes, insurance and homeownership. This course may be taken in the sophomore, junior, or senior year.