Length of course: 


    One Year 



               1.0 Credit                     

    Grade Placement: 


               12 (Seniors only)        



    Integrated Math 2 and 3 credits of high school math

    State Code: 



    Course Description: This course is aligned to the Joliet Junior College Transition to STEM course and is designed to prepare students for entry into the Joliet Junior College transfer level mathematics courses. This course expands on the concepts of basic math and algebra and is a prerequisite for college algebra. Topics studied include factoring, rational expressions, radicals, quadratics, logs and exponential functions. This course allows our students who earn a grade of “C” or better to meet the JJC developmental math course requirement while attending LTHS.  Students who enroll in this class grant permission to LTHS to share transcripts, test scores, and other relevant student information with Joliet Junior. College for enrollment and placement purposes. (A calculator is required.)