Length of course: 


    One Year  



               1.0 Credit                     

    Grade Placement: 





               Based on 8th grade placement test scores and Department Chair Consent       

    State Code: 



    Course Description: Math Enrichment is one of several multi-tier systems of support (MTSS) programs Lockport Township High School is offering that will deepen students’ understanding of Integrated Math 1 topics by highlighting the concepts deemed critical for mastery in the required Integrated Math 1 course. Students practice topics such as linear and exponential functions and apply these topics in data analysis. Students will study equations and inequalities with respect to the number of solutions. Students will define congruence through transformations and apply congruence theorems in proofs. Students will practice junior high topics such as fractions, decimals, percent, expressions, equations and inequalities, rational numbers, and angles and triangles via an online program. Placement in this course is based on 8th grade placement test scores, past math grades, and the recommendation of a student’s current 8th grade math teacher. Math Enrichment supports the Integrated Math 1 curriculum and students receive elective credit upon successful completion.