• CONSUMER MATH B – MA1325 (This course will only be offered during the 2nd Semester)

    Length of course:


    One Semester



    .5 Credit

    Grade Placement:


    12 (Seniors Only; teacher recommendation required)



    1.0 or more credits of mathematics

    State Code:



    Course Description: This course is designed for students interested in developing an awareness of mathematical skills that are needed in consumer applications. Consumer Math A and Consumer Math B cover different independent topics. Consumer Math B will include the following topics: home ownership (renting versus purchasing a home, obtaining a mortgage, interest rates and closing costs), insurance basics (health, life, disability), and investing (diversification, stocks and bonds). If a student has earned 2.0 credits from other mathematics courses, this course may be used to fulfill the consumer management requirement for graduation. Students enroll in this course based on teacher recommendation and/or if students need the class to meet the minimum requirements for graduation. This course is not designed for students planning to enroll in college. (A scientific calculator is required.)