• VETERINARY ASSISTANT – CB1234 (Students will be transported to Wilco Career Center)

    Length of Course: 

    One Year 


    2.5 Credits

    Grade Placement: 



    Appropriate orientation courses and career interest 

    State Code:


    Course Description: Students learn animal science and care of animals, including companion animal species and breed fundamentals, behavior and training, animal anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and safety. Students will develop an understanding of animal reproduction, animal ethics and welfare issues, animal health, veterinary medicine, veterinary office practices, and animal services to humans. Students develop basic skills and techniques for assisting the veterinarian/technician in the areas of: handling large and small animals, grooming animals/caring for coats, feeding animals, and maintaining equipment and facilities. Career exploration will focus on veterinarian, veterinary lab technicians, office lab assistant, small animal production, research lab assistant, and animal nutrition lab technician. Since FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs (SAEPs) are integral components of this course, students are required to maintain SAEP’s and be a member of FFA while participating in activities of the FFA organization. Students will be encouraged to volunteer at local veterinary offices and/or animal shelters.