• CRIMINAL JUSTICE/LAW ENFORCEMENT – CB1216 (Students will be transported to Wilco Career Center)

    Length of Course: 

    One Year 


    2.5 Credits

    Grade Placement: 



    Appropriate orientation courses and career interest 

    State Code:


    Course Description: This course highlights the relevance of law enforcement by examining its history, relevant research pertaining to, and explores an in-depth analysis of our federal Constitution.  We will also analyze modern changes in law enforcement and identify careers at the local, state, and federal levels. During second semester, students will learn the fundamentals of investigation and crime-scene application; the recording, collection and presentation of evidence; investigative techniques and procedures; and follow-up and case studies.  In addition, they will understand the theories associated with the Criminal Justice system.  Students will have a clear understanding on preconditions and limitations of a legal search. They will apply theories and concepts to current work environment; evaluate photographs used in criminal Investigations; and identify basic rules of evidence. Guidance note: Heavy reading and report writing. Dual credit may be available through Joliet Junior College. Guidance Notes: Daily assignments, projects, and quizzes. This course requires significant reading and report writing.