• CISCO NETWORKING – CB1240  (Students will be need their own transportation to JJC North Campus in Romeoville)

    Length of Course: 

    One Year 


    2.5 Credits

    Grade Placement: 



    Appropriate orientation courses and career interest 

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    Course Description: The Cisco program is offered in conjunction with Joliet Junior College and will be held at North Campus in Romeoville, IL. Students will need their own transportation to and from the North Campus. Students must complete the first semester of the course with a grade of C or higher to continue into the second semester of the course. Good attendance. is essential for college success. Students also need a strong math background and computer aptitude. The course aligns to two courses at Joliet Junior College: CNT Network Fundamentals (4 credit hours) and CNT 102 Router Protocols and Concepts (4 credit hours). IN these courses, students will study the devices and protocols used to connect computers and support devices into a network. Topics include OSI model, IP and MAC addresses, TCP, ARP, and RARP, media design, structured cabling, and network management. Students will compare and contrast the functions of hubs, switches and routers. The second semester course concentrates on router configuration and how remote networks are established and connections maintained. Other topics include the basics of configuring a router through the command line interface, TCP/IP concepts used in routing and an introduction to both routing mechanisms distance vector and link state. These two JJC courses are the first two of four courses approved by Cisco Systems, Inc. and prepare students for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam.