• CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT – CB1207 (Students will be transported to Wilco Career Center)

    Length of Course: 

    One Year 


    2.5 Credits

    Grade Placement: 



    Appropriate orientation courses and career interest 

    State Code:


    Course Description: The Certified Nursing Assistant program is a senior only program structured to prepare the student for employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant. The curriculum includes all standards and procedures contained in the Illinois Department of Public Health Certified Nurse Aide Instruction Model. If the student has a social security number, the State Nurse Aide Examination can be taken through this course with the completion of 40 hours of on-site clinical experience at a local nursing facility, included in the class structure. Students must have transportation to the clinical site, a physical, and TB test before September 15th. Before beginning the clinical experience, students must undergo a Health Care Worker criminal background check. Throughout the semester, students must maintain an 80% to remain eligible for Joliet Junior College credit and Illinois Department of Public Health Certified Nurse Aide Exam. Upon completion of this course, students may choose to continue their education in preparation for any of a number of careers in the healthcare field i.e.; Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Ultrasound Technician, etc. Students are required to wear appropriate clothing at clinical site. Student may receive Joliet Junior College credit for NA101, 7.5 credit hours. Estimated cost of participation is $100 with an additional $65 for the State CNA exam in the spring. Guidance Notes: 30% of time in lab. Daily assignments and weekly tests. Emphasis on human anatomy. Certifications may include: American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR and Certified Nursing Assistant License.